Elexana's James Finn Interviewing on The Super Mike Show, Sunday, 8/18 @ 11 AM

Our own, James Finn, EMRS, will appear on the Super Mike Show on ROKU television this coming Sunday, August 18th @ 11 AM.

Dr. Michael Evangel, D.C. writes:

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Intro – Hi, I’m Dr. Mike Evangel.  I am a chiropractic physician for 34 years and the host of The Super Mike Show. 

I am the host, but this is your show.

That is because we designed this show to be your survival guide to life.

We will cover topics such as health, fitness, nutrition, longevity, the environment and personal safety.

There's a lot of contradictory information in existence today on these topics.

When two experts have totally opposite views, how can anyone know what or who to believe?  

For example, is farmed salmon good for you or should you only eat wild caught salmon?  

Every episode, our mission is to cut through the confusion and the misinformation, to be your survival guide to life and to deliver the truth to you.

When you share that truth and help others, you will become their holistic hero.

With that in mind, let's talk about today’s topics. 

We are exposed to more EMF in a day than our ancestors were in a month.  The Van Allen Belt protects us against cosmic radiation. Detrimental frequencies can disrupt DNA and the mitochondria, which are the powerhouse of the cells. Unhealthy EMF can come from many sources; cell phones, cell towers, Wi-F-, 5G, smart meters, hair dryers, motors, electrical devices and airport x-ray scanners. Since people can’t feel the energy, they are like an ostrich with their head in the sand.