Is EHS/EMF Sensitivity Real?

Medical Disclaimer: The following article is meant to be strictly educational. It is in no way meant to diagnose, be a diagnostic tool, or offer any form of medical treatment. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned, we first advise you to see your medical doctor or a licensed physician. Some of the statements herein are strictly opinion, not necessarily shared by anyone else associated with Elexana.

Survey studies show that somewhere between 230,000 - 290,000 Swedish men and women, out of a population of 10,000,000, report a variety of symptoms when in contact with electromagnetic field sources. - EMF Conference, Los Angeles, 2019

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(A.K.A. Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, EMF Sensitive, Electromagnetic Field Sensitive, EHS, Electrohypersensitivity, Electrosensitivity, Radio Frequency Intolerance, EMF Allergic, Electromagnetic Awareness)

  • Are some people gaming the system, by claiming they have EHS, just to get out of working for a living? I am sure that there are some.

  • Are some people who have various psychological adaptive disorders claiming they have EHS? I’m sure that there are many people.

  • Are some people claiming to have EHS who are actually sensitive to strong electromagnetic fields and EMF is having a deleterious effect on their health? I have no doubt.

So much time and money have gone into trying to disprove that EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity) actually exists as a physical condition. Why so much effort? What would it mean to those profiting from electromagnetism if EHS were a real physical health issue and not a mental health issue? What would it mean if the numbers of EHS people were growing?

If you are reading this page, you are most likely aware of the "scientific" studies that claim that EHS seems to be nothing more than an imagined phenomenon. Are all those suffering from EHS delusional or insane? Is there yet an unidentified group suffering from EHS who don't even realize they are sensitive or are living in denial?


Do you often feel an unexplainable pressure inside your head, tingling or heat sensations on your skin, have unexplainable rashes, sudden heart palpitations, insomnia, vertigo, dizziness, or constant fatigue?

Do you have a thyroid condition, chronic fatigue, premature cataracts, headaches only when you are home or at the office, ADHD, ADD, short-term memory lapses, unexplainable mood shifts, or any other strange symptoms which the doctors can't assign a cause?

All of these experiences or symptoms have been shown to be possibly caused by entering into a powerful electromagnetic field or from prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields. People who can feel these fields or experience discomfort are identified as having EHS (Electro-Hypersensitivity) or, EMF (electromagnetic field radiation) Sensitivity, Electromagnetic Field Awareness. Call it what you will… If you have it, you know it, and it doesn’t matter what anyone calls it.

Human-made electromagnetic fields are should be distinguished from natural Universe-made electromagnetic fields. Human-made EMF is emitted by electrical devices such as WiFi routers, cell phones, cell tower transmitters, power lines, transformers, unshielded home wiring and wiring errors, hybrid cars, baby monitors, bluetooth, and much more. According to what I've read, persons with EMF Sensitivity are estimated to comprise 3-5% of the population. The numbers could possibly be much higher due to both the growing awareness of EMF health effects and the constant addition of new wireless technologies. 

Often, those who claim to be sensitive or aware of EMF begin feeling this energy in their early to mid-forties. (Although lately, we're encountering an increasing number of callers in their thirties and twenties. Many children with Down syndrome or those on the spectrum present EMF sensitivity.) Most with EHS can relate back to a time in their lives when they spent long periods exposed to strong electromagnetic fields.

The realization that one is sensitive can be perplexing, daunting, or even terrifying. EHS can suddenly happen in one day. Bam! And then, the awareness that these RF transmitters are everywhere! In the subways, everyone has a cell phone turned ON, smart meters, bluetooth devices, it’s endless! It can be quite unnerving. 

Typical EHS symptoms include: an uncomfortable pressure in the cerebral cortex/occipital lobe areas, neck area or upper spine, insomnia, brain fog, concentration issues, short-term memory lapses, occasional vertigo, occasional loud ringing in the ears, low frequency sounds, unexplainable rashes, a burning or heating sensation in the skin, tingling sensations, severe headaches, sudden irritability, mood swings, teeth grinding or clenching during sleep, and more. 

Go see your doctor. If you are told that there is nothing detectable from the exam, then call us. Try turning the power OFF in your home for a half hour. Do you feel better?

Before beginning, let's make this clear: everyone is adversely effected by EMF. Anyone who does not realize or believe that EMF is a serious health concern is simply ignorant of the science that is out there and may be lacking a little common sense, or may have a social bias, on this issue. The problem for many is that understanding the health effects require cross-discipline knowledge of physics and biology (termed: Quantum Biology or Molecular Biophysics.)

What is a chemical reaction? In essence, electrons coming and going.

Increasing numbers of people are suffering from uncomfortable physical symptoms and illness due to EMF. I have tested many homes of those claiming to have EMF Sensitivity. Where these clients felt the most discomfort was where the RMF levels were the highest. These clients have been highly consistent.

As already indicated, I'm aware of the studies where they say the "data" proves that this is purely psychosomatic and idiopathic. The pain is so real. Yes, anything is possible when it comes to the tricks the mind can play. But, what explains the times when someone gets a sharp pain without foreknowing that a cell transmitter is very close by?

Fortunately, I understand the scientific method and process. I looked into every single one of these "studies," which claimed that EHS was "bunk." What did I uncover?

Each study had a least one flaw; in either their assumption, method, or interpretation of the data. To add: any person who has studied statistics or the scientific method knows that a clever person can create a "study" to prove or disprove just about anything!

The concept or need for replicability enters the scientific testing protocols for verifiability. Without a third-party replication of a study, its conclusions should not be taken seriously by the scientific community.

Firstly, all pain is in the head! It's our brains that receive the signals from the irritated nerves and then registers these sensations as pain.

In the case where someone says that they felt pressure from the microwaves and then 10 seconds later did not, after they were exposed a second time, does not prove that this person was making their sensitivity up. And, for a scientist to make this conclusion only provides us with information that they do not understand the nature of EHS, at all.

If nerves within the surrounding fine tissue, containing trace amounts of metals such as; copper, iron, silver, and others, are irritated, then that fine tissue now becomes inflamed or swollen in reaction to the irritation. These nerves may then be unable to differentiate a second exposure within a short time interval. If the surrounding tissue remains swelled, it will feel more like one continuous pressure. The slow healing time of swollen tissue will cause the subject to be unable to differentiate consequential exposure.

There is another study showing that an EHS subject was "proven" to be duped by a placebo exposure to electromagnetism, while they are sitting nearby the testing machine with its two-prong ungrounded floating electric field, with their feet in close proximity to the wall containing 120 volts running through Romex (unshielded) cable, and with the room filled with fluorescent lighting. I am referring to another "conclusive scientific experiment" that only proved the scientists' lack of understanding of source-points for electromagnetism and how EHS works.

None of these "studies" are worth a nickel.

What about studies from "third-party independent labs." So many of us can be gullible when it comes to the tricks, either innocent or manipulative, that science and the medical industry can play. We need to ask, “Who funded the study? What it a shell company? Did the funder or the scientist, or both, have a bias or agenda? How was the data compiled and interpreted?” …and, then there’s the whole concept of using relative versus absolute result ratios which can skew any experiment’s interpretation.

You can see why studies and their conclusions are unreliable. I say, “Don’t believe any studies, just look at the physical evidence and draw your own conclusions.”

If you walk into a room and you feel a strong EMF, then measure it or have an Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS) measure it for you.

There seems to be consistencies between chemical toxicity and EMF toxicity. According to Dr. Martin Pall, PhD, one significant resultant of exposure to EMF is that both interfere with calcium ion (Ca2+) motility and signaling in the body. This interference has a direct effect on neurology and on auto-immune function. It appears that chemical and EMF sensitivity are natural results of becoming over-exposed to particular environmental stressors or toxins. 

The human body is capable of sensing the lowest levels of electromagnetism. Dr. Robert O. Becker (The Body Electric) demonstrated that the human body is sensitive to a direct electrical stimulation down to nearly 100 nano-amperes. A nano-amp is a billionth of an amp or 0.0000000001 amps. That’s a very small number. A typical American wall-outlet can handle 15-20 amperes. Today, Mount Sinai Hospital is using electrical stimulation, just a few hundred nano-amps of DC current, to accelerate bone cell regeneration. 

Now, if you take the cellular signal broadcasted by my iPad mini retina display and measure it with one of our professional meters, the radio frequency radiation emissions read a max-hold at 38.16 milli-amperes per meter (mA/m). Considering that this energy is from an area field dispersion of amperage and not a direct stimulation, as used by doctors at Mt. Sinai, this translates as much more than 38 million times higher than the lowest levels our bodies can naturally detect. Keep in mind, this is just the energy level measured from one isolated iPad, not 80+ cell phones in a crowded subway car!

With our skin-voltage monitor, we can show our clients that the skin will react to electromagnetic fields with a strength as low as a thousandth of a volt. For our epidermal skin-voltage readings, the test subject never consciously feels anything on their skin, yet the skin responds immediately to the slightest change in the electric field.

To elucidate even further on how sensitive we are to the smallest amounts of microsimulation from electromagnetism, Guy Doron and Michael Brecht published a work in 2015 titled, "What Single-Cell Stimulation Has Told Us About Neural Coding." 

In this report they state, "The later development of intracortical microstimulation (ICMS), a technique in which trains of short (100–200 ms) constant electrical pulses of small current intensities (1–100mA) are delivered extracellularly via a microelectrode at rates of tens to hundreds of Hertz, enabled a more reliable activation of localized populations of neurons and directly influenced sensory perception, movement, and cognition."

Of course, none of us can consciously sense levels as low as a few hundred nano-amps, but there is mounting scientific evidence that conscious sensitivity to higher levels is a natural result of one having higher levels of trace metals or even naturally occurring biogenic magnetite in their tissues. The later was a result of a study by Caltech's Joseph Kirschvink, in 1992.

Here, Kirschvink reveals that we all have ferromagnetic magnetite (Fe3O4) in our brain tissue and throughout our bodies. Iron not only acts as an antenna for electromagnetism, but it magnifies its intensity. 

In 1975, Allen Frey demonstrated that continuous exposure to microwaves at power densities as low as 30 µW/cm2 (30,000 µW/m2) can weaken fine membranes such as the blood-brain barrier (BBB). A permeable BBB will allow larger sized trace-heavy metals such as mercury, cadmium, aluminum, lead, antimony, and others, to penetrate the BBB. These metals can easily latch onto nearby magnetite and add to the already naturally occurring antennae.

Eberhard et al (2008) report that two-hour exposures to cell phone GSM microwave RF resulted in leakage of albumin across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and in neuron damage. Neuronal albumin uptake was significantly correlated with the occurrence of damaged neurons when measured at 28 days post-exposure. The lowest exposure level was 0.12 mW/kg (0.00012 W/kg) for two hours. The highest exposure level was 120 mW/kg (0.12 W/kg). The weakest exposure level showed the greatest effect in opening the BBB, and in neuron damage and death.

Why do I say, "Naturally occurring antenna?" Because in 2016, the same Joseph Kirschvink proved that we use, and probably have always instinctively used, our magnetite to sense polarity changes in the Earth's magnetic fields to aid in our brain's awareness of daytime's short waves shifting to night time's much longer waves, signaling the pineal gland to release melatonin.

Once trace-metals magnetically adhere to magnetite, they may become difficult to extricate from the brain, but still possible, I believe. (For that matter, so does University of Kentucky’s Dr. Boyd Haley, who has a chelating agent in the final stage of testing for FDA approval.)

Yes. Science is speaking. We are all hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields. We at ELEXANA see this proved with every assessment. If you had your skin-conductance tested while entering the most common and casual electromagnetic fields such as one emitted by a table lamp, the voltage on your skin, from head to toe, would instantly and reactively increase with every inch you moved closer to the center of this EMF source. This is why it is so critical in our work that we mitigate the fields closet to our clients; the fields created within their own homes and workplaces. 

So many with EMF sensitivity feel that it's just not fair that some of us can become so affected by electromagnetism while the greater majority (95-98%) do not sense or feel it at all. This is just another case where the old adage applies,"the world is just not fair." It's no joke, though, for those who suffer, often alone, with this health issue. Often a dystemia results where the affected has difficulty coping with this new reality. Occasionally, I will hear that a client's spouse thinks that they have suddenly become “looney.” Yes. Having EHS can be lonely, scary, and confusing.

Sometimes, those with EHS feel like they are trapped.

Sometimes, those with EHS feel like they are trapped.

There is hope. Removing trace metals from the blood takes time, but clients have done it. EMF Sensitivity of the skin tissues can also be lessened, but this takes a little longer. Discharging trace metals from the brain area takes even longer; usually 6-12 months.

Another theory for the cause of EHS symptoms is that some are deuterium toxic and can’t release this heavy form of hydrogen. It is found everywhere in the universe. D2O is the heavy water we use to cool nuclear reactors. High-fat diets seem to help the body release deuterium. There is much we don’t know about this area of research.

Some believe that emotional trauma causes DC magnetic fields to build up in the limbic system and that doing emotional healing work or “retraining” the brain can help with symptoms.

There are people who are successfully working to relieve their EMF sensitivity. Some have found a way to metaphorically bloom like “a colorful lotus blossom thriving on a swamp.” (LOL. I’m one of them; living here in NYC.)

Some folks have not only found relief from the intensity of EHS sensations, but have also been able to rise above the existential angst of feeling trapped; of being without an escape from our modern world’s ubiquitous human-made electromagnetic radiation.  

 James Finn

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