ELEXANA, LLC was established as a privately owned registered, licensed, and insured company based in New York, New York. ELEXANA is a natural progression of EMF CONSULTANTS: New York City's first EMF consulting company.

We have a wealth of talent ready and able to serve you. Our team of EMF Consultants, Professional Electrical Engineers, licensed electricians, contractors, designers, AV technicians, installation experts, receptionists, and more, are why we are setting the pace in this quickly expanding and exciting field.

Always innovating, ELEXANA could also be considered the first upstream natural health and wellness company in the world. When you call upon us for help, we first look to the home and/or work environment for external toxic factors in your day-to-day life that could be putting a strain on your wellness. This protocol is integral for our insomnia-to-sweet-dreams program and others.

An increasing number of medical professionals, osteopaths, naturopaths, chiropractors, and natural medicine practitioners are calling upon us to test their patients’ homes.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) testing and consulting has become a new branch our our EMF Consultants arm. We have a proven expertise for finding the various catalysts for EMI to supersede thresholds which trigger computers and electronic measuring instruments to malfunction.

OSHA trained and certified, our EMF Testing Service is also recognized and/or licensed by Lloyd’s of London, the Pastoral Medical Association, the EMF Center, and we’ve been referred by Michael Neuert BSME, MA and Rob Metzinger, EMRS and Instructor for all EMRS Building Biologists in North America and Lucas Taub, BSCE, MEME project manager for Ecosystem Energy, and DMG Consulting.

ELEXANA continues to provide an ever expanding natural wellness service for all private clients. Our unprecedented successes; helping people from India to Florida, New Zealand to Maine, speaks to the integrity and strength of our programs. 

Because of our complete dedication to our clients and our wish to serve without third-party influences or any invasion of privacy, we are not affiliated with any insurance or pharmaceutical companies. We are HIPAA certified and compliant, as is all staff.

We are proud to say that we are fully dedicated to serving our clients; receiving much joy when we hear from each and every client that they are happy that they called on us. 

Thank you, for taking the time to visit our website. We hope that you will reach out and contact us.


                 James J. Finn (Jim)

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James J. Finn

EMF and EMI Consultant

Founder and President of ELEXANA LLC

International Institute of Building Biology® and Ecology, Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation, IBE 312, Certificate of Completion

OSHA Certified for General Industry Safety and Health (Cert. #36-702032637)

Licensed Natural Medicine D.PSc, PMA (Lic. #179394253)

HIPAA Certified (Cert. #148728)

Lloyd's of London Certified Licensed and Insured (Cert. #105-2019072-00)

EMF Radiation and Health Certificate, EMF Center, Santa Rosa, California

EMF Testing and Remediation Studies, Michael Neuert, B.S., M.A. Mechanical Engineer, EMF Expert & EMF Testing Instructor

Curador HCP Authorized Healthcare Professional

Medical Doctor/Patient Advocate

EMF Education/Science Lecturer

小周天 Meditation Instructor 1985-present

ACIM Instructor 1991-2001

Traditional Chinese 微观轨道冥想 Wéiguān guǐdào míngxiǎng, Qi Gong, Yang Style Tai Chi, Swimming Dragon with Dr. Tzu Kuo Shih, Kingston Healing Arts Center, 1982-1986

M.A. Summa Cum Laude, Music, Queens College, New York


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