5G Has Been Officially Activated in NYC - a New Epidemiological Health Study Has Begun

I was reluctant to post this because I try so hard to not mix advocacy with our business of EMF services, but today, it would be wrong for me to remain silent. Admittedly, I am upset and a little disheartened. For the sake of my wife and daughter, my mom, brothers and sisters, extended family, friends, neighbors, associates, and everyone else, my concern compels me to speak.

Today, on March 30, while thousands of faithful New Yorkers were praying in their local synagogues, the 5G Network was powered ON.

We New Yorkers have now officially become subjects in a new human-health study. I assure you, the current on-going EMF human health study has not been going very well.

Here you can see the 5G antenna on top of the light pole emitting over an elementary and middle school playground on the upper west side of NYC, the American flag on the playground property, and the prestigious Anderson School and the Computer School to the right. Our young children are now the experiment.  It’s time to revisit the Telecom Act of 1996.

Here you can see the 5G antenna on top of the light pole emitting over an elementary and middle school playground on the upper west side of NYC, the American flag on the playground property, and the prestigious Anderson School and the Computer School to the right. Our young children are now the experiment.

It’s time to revisit the Telecom Act of 1996.

There has not been one single animal study conducted to date to test the potential ill-health effects from prolonged exposure to 5G, despite the NIH reporting, in 2017, that 2G and 3G cause cancer.

Do Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio not think that 4G and 5G are in the same category? Gentlemen, here is the only fact that you need to know: 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, and Trump’s 6G, and 7G are all high-frequency microwaves traveling through the air. They are all toxic for human consumption. They are all electromagnetism.

Please, I don’t want to hear that there needs to be more study, while scientists who ask for research funding in this area get black-balled for asking (according to Dr. Devra Davis.)

Forget the studies; follow me around for two weeks visiting all those who are ill and have corresponding high EMF levels.

The pioneering activist Olle Johansson, Ph.D. points out that the last time that a relatively small group of people conducted scientific experiments on massive numbers of human beings, without their consent, was in the Nazi Concentration Camps. To add to this horrific realization, we’re still using the same safety standards from the 1940’s set-forth by Herman Schwan, a paid-off imported Nazi physicist who admitted that even his numbers were only good for a brief exposure. (Cited in The Body Electric, by Robert O. Becker.) The US Navy couldn’t find an American physicist to give them the numbers they wanted on their schedule.

Instead of 5G, I believe we would be better off establishing a fiber-optic light pipe network. This network is hard-wired technology that travels at the speed of light; faster than any wireless network could ever get with virtually no latency. The ultra-benefit is that there is no electromagnetic toxicity. Unfortunately, I don’t see this happening in the US.

I do see our telecom companies continue to be the wealthiest and most influential companies in the world and just about every politician and university with a research program remain dependent on their funding. I also see information on the 5G network continue to be secretive and funding for research to be suppressed.

The telecoms have come a long way since the Telecom Act of 1996. But, so have the yearly stats on infertility, cancer, neurological disease, depression, suicide, and much more.

Senate Bill 637: 5G and Heart Disease, Diabetes, Suicide, & Depression

This video is of ELEXANA’s friend and colleague, Dr. Sharon Goldberg M.D. Internal Medicine, testifying before the Michigan State Senate as a medical expert on the health effects of Electromagnetic Radiation from wireless technologies, the upcoming 5G Internet of Things, and more.

She speaks of EMF being a scientifically proven and peer-reviewed causative factor for diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, depression, suicide, violence, and more. At ELEXANA, we have also seen these consistencies in real life when we have consulted for clients.

I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Sharon in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in April, to discuss a research collaboration on the consistencies between EMF and thyroid disease which I pointed out to her and a handful of other physicians around the country, these past few years.

I’m also predicting a rate-jump in melanoma, eye cancers, premature cataracts, tumorous cancers, blood diseases, myocardial infarctions, depression, and infertility. Ugh.

Here is Dr. Sharon Goldberg discussing Senate Bill 637.

New! ELEXANA’s Virtual EMF Testing Program


ELEXANA’s Virtual EMF Testing Program

Now, you can be anywhere in the world and virtually benefit from the skills and knowledge of New York City’s finest EMF consultants.

You can rent an EMF Tool Kit from us or purchase the necessary tools from our affiliate, have the kit delivered, and then have us guide you, in real-time, on how to set the meters, scan the room, test your home.

We will then interpret the readings, help you troubleshoot any detected issues, isolate their causes, determine a hierarchy of best cost-effective solutions, and help you to devise a remediation plan.

You will receive discount links, through our affiliates, if you and we both think it best to apply any specific EMF mitigation products.

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Mitchell Marchand: The New Chief EMF Consultant of ELEXANA

Mitchell Marchand, Chief EMF Consultant, B.Sc, EE, EMRS

Mitchell Marchand, Chief EMF Consultant, B.Sc, EE, EMRS

If we are lucky in this lifetime, we will meet at least one person who has the conviction and integrity of Mitch Marchand.

I first met Mitch at the Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Seminar in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2018. Mitch was one of the Lab assistants and guest lecturer. He had a calm and relaxed self-assuredness and was always respectful, clear-headed, and articulate. Mitch would listen with a patient ear and still answer questions with a thoughtful and professional demeanor.

After several meetings and conversations, it was clear that Mitch was the kind of person I like to be associated with and is precisely the kind of person I'd like to have in my company. After I got back to NYC, I contacted Mitch and presented a proposal, then a contract.

Now, I am proud to announce the new Chief EMF Consultant for ELEXANA: Mitchell Marchand.

So, why did I first write about his conviction and integrity?

Mitch was a successful Professional Electrical Engineer for nine years. He had worked his way up in his field to the point where his future was secure. His wife, a naturopathic doctor, had become ill. She began researching her symptoms and came upon the ill-health effects of human-made electromagnetic fields on the human body. She purchased a gauss meter and lo and beheld, the levels were very high.

Mitch, I'm sure due to his B.Sc schooling and his Professional Engineer membership, was a little skeptical of any claims that EMF could have on health. Despite any doubts, he did some research and concluded they needed to move.

After Mitch and his wife moved, his wife's health quickly improved. This seemingly miraculous recovery piqued Mitch's interest. He wanted to learn more. His training to become a Professional Electrical Engineer did cover electromagnetism in detail, but there was no mention of biological effects regarding the interaction with electromagnetism. (This is what I find for every one of the dozens of PE's I've encountered.)

Mitch sought out the Electromagnetic Radiation Program with the International Institute of Building Biologists® and eventually became a certified EMRS (Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist.)

Mitch could not speak out about the potential health effects of electromagnetic radiation as a Professional Engineer since his opinions regarding safe exposure level limits were not in line with his profession's or the IEEE EMF safety guidelines. Mitch wanted to do more than measure EMFs; he needed to educate and speak freely about the potential health effects. As a result, he decided to take the "P" off of his title.

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Those who are concerned about geopathic stress should know that metal near a high DC magnetic field can become magnetized. Also, RF radio frequencies are attracted to metal, so someone sleeping inside a metal bed frame or with metal springs are essentially sleeping within an RF antenna. Our education page speaks about why RF interrupts sleep.

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For the discount, tell Taylor that Jim from ELEXANA sent you.

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ELEXANA is EMF Testing in Rochester, New York

Next week, we are testing the electromagnetic fields and providing EMF remediation consulting for a residence in the suburbs of Rochester, New York. Yes, EMF issues are everywhere and we are here to help make your home and business healthier.

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Announcing the New ELEXANA Affiliate Partner: Safe Living Technologies

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ELEXANA is now HIPAA Certified and Compliant

As of April 9, 2018 @ 5 PM, ELEXANA LLC is officially HIPAA certified and compliant. Even though, we do accept insurance, we abide by all clients' rights to privacy as directed by HIPAA compliance protocols.

This means that your health records are private and will not be seen by anyone other than me, James J. Finn. If records need to be destroyed, then they are shredded by a HIPAA compliant paper shredder. (We just purchased a new shredder just for this purpose.)

ELEXANA is completely committed to you and the improvement of your health. An important aspect to healing is that you learn to find ways to reduce your stress levels; both physically and mentally. Knowing that we respect your rights to privacy is just another step that we are taking to help you feel confident and secure that you are in the right hands when you sign on with our health and wellness programs.

Have a wonderful Spring.

   Yours in good health,

                     James J. Finn