Former Microsoft Exec and Doctors Warn of Wireless Tech & 5G

Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada

Frank Clegg, former President of Microsoft Canada

Frank Clegg, the former President of Microsoft Canada, and CEO of Canadians for Safe Technology, Dr. Riina Bray, MD, and Dr. Magda Havas, all warn of wireless and the 5G Network. Anthony Miller, MD from the World Health Organization says that if wireless technology were to be re-evaluated today, then it would be classified as a Group 1 Toxin along with lead and that, “…governments would have to look at this.”


5G Update: June, 10, 2019 - Poland Joins Call to Stop 5G

Polish   Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki

Here is an update forwarded to us from our friend and associate in California Monika Krajewska, EMRS, Certified Building Biology® Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist, (805) 895-4687, Elegant Living 27

UPDATE: Global Research had requested clarification from the organizers of  The International Appeal to Stop 5G. This is their response  (June 10, 21.30pm ET):

The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space welcomes the good sense of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in rejecting the fifth generation of wireless technology, 5G, by becoming a signatory to the Appeal.

 The Appeal is a scientific and legal document that comprehensively sets out the case against 5G, which poses an existential threat to life on Earth. The people of Poland will doubtless be greatly relieved to learn that the Prime Minister supports protecting the health and natural environment of the Polish people.

Prime Minister Morawiecki joins the ranks of the numerous other concerned lawmakers who have rejected 5G: the Swiss cantons of Vaud, Jura and Geneva, which adopted moratoria, and Neuchâtel, Bern, St Gallen and Schwyz, which are considering doing so. The Swiss and Netherlands governments, as well as the US state of New Hampshire, have demanded reports on the safety of 5G before going ahead. Lawmakers in Rome and Florence, and those of at least 21 US cities have already rejected 5G, while the Belgian Environment Minister prohibited the 5G pilot project in Brussels, declaring that citizens were not “guinea pigs”.

Congratulations to the BEMS Election Winners

The Bioelectromagnetics Society


BEMS Election 2019

Dear James,

The 2019 BEMS election was completed on May 28, 2019. Please find the election results below. It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new Secretary-Elect, Treasurer-Elect and Member to the Board of Directors, and we thank all candidates for their willingness to be nominated and for their continued commitment and dedication to our society.
Best regards,

Nam KimAndrew WoodChair Nominating Committee BEMS President

BEMS 2019 Election results

Secretary-Elect / Secretary (1 / 2 year term)
Azadeh Peyman, Public Health England, Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Hazards (CRCE), Chilton, UK

Treasurer-Elect / Treasurer (1 / 2 year term)
Bennett Ibey, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, USA

Board (3 year term)
Lucas Portelli, Kirsus Research GmbH, Zürich, Switzerland 

Introducing The EMF Freedom Program for Everyone Suffering From EHS/ EMF Sensitivity

Here is a program that will help all those suffering from EHS/EMF Sensitivity and their spouses who are caught in the middle.

The EMF Freedom Program

“Finally, both you and your spouse no longer have to be driving each other crazy with your EMF sensitivity issue. You no longer have to feel isolated and alone. You no longer have to find yourself in a hopeless situation.”

If you are interested in the EMF Freedom Program, it doesn’t matter where you live. Our groups meet by phone, we use first names only, and information is kept within strict HIPAA Law compliance.

Please, let us know if you would like to join us for 50 minutes, each week. We have a few groups so, please, give us your best available times on Mondays and Fridays, and we will try to find a group for you.

We have groups for those with EHS and groups for their spouses who don’t have EHS.

We will cover a variety of topics around EHS. Everyone gets to contribute, is accepted, valued, and respected.

We will only focus on solutions and not get into politics, activism, or tangential issues.

Yes. I think I will fit right in

When I first realized it was electromagnetism that was triggering a whole host of health issues, I struggled for answers. “Why and how did this happen? Was EMF the cause for my insomnia, clenching and grinding my teeth while sleeping, why I would stop breathing while sleeping (if the doctors said it wasn’t sleep apnea), acid reflux, energy loss, fatigue, occasional vertigo, headaches, brain fog, short-term memory loss, the heat sensations on my skin, the tingling, the muscle twitching, the intermittent melancholia?”

I discovered EMF toxicity symptoms while searching search for answers to help heal myself; since after a dozen years, it was clear that my doctors didn’t have a clue. Like the comedian-doctor DK Jeong, “Sorry, you’re doggie no make it,” perhaps they all should have gone into comedy instead of medicine?

It was difficult to near impossible to take any form of mass transportation (airplanes, trains, subways), ride in a hybrid taxi, ride in the front seat of specific models of vehicles, sit in business meetings, go to concerts, eat in crowded restaurants, and walk down streets with Con-Ed manhole covers or cell tower transmitters. (Should I have called them human-hole covers?)

I would strategically map out my route to wherever I need to walk or ride a City Bike.

Oddly enough, there was one place I always slept like a baby; my in-laws home in rural Pennsylvania. I purchased a basic ON-OFF Radio Frequency Meter and brought it with me. The morning after another great sleep, I took out the meter, flipped it ON, and to my astonishment…the light was in the GREEN for the first time!

This realization triggered a host of emotions. It triggered the 5 Stages of Grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

This new awareness also prompted a whole new thread to follow or rabbit whole to go down. Today, I’m finally healthy; healed of everything. I can go anywhere via any form of transportation, order whatever I want in any crowded restaurant, go to any meeting or event, and enjoy my life!

Years later, I’m finally considered an EMF expert by the International Institute of Building Biology® & Ecology, The Bioelectromagnetics Society, the European Bioelectromagnetics Association, and the American Society of Photobiology, and by my professional peers.

I am a certified Building Biology® EMRS (Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™), a licensed natural medicine practitioner in 30 countries, and owner of Elexana LLC, a topflight EMF Services Company.

What’s next? I am hosting collaborative groups for those who have EHS and their spouses who don’t. Yes, it’s about time.

Become empowered.

Mitchell Marchand: The New Chief EMF Consultant of ELEXANA

Mitchell Marchand, Chief EMF Consultant, B.Sc, EE, EMRS

Mitchell Marchand, Chief EMF Consultant, B.Sc, EE, EMRS

If we are lucky in this lifetime, we will meet at least one person who has the conviction and integrity of Mitch Marchand.

I first met Mitch at the Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Seminar in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2018. Mitch was one of the Lab assistants and guest lecturer. He had a calm and relaxed self-assuredness and was always respectful, clear-headed, and articulate. Mitch would listen with a patient ear and answer all questions with a thoughtful and professional demeanor.

After several meetings and conversations, it was clear that Mitch was the kind of person I like to be associated with and is precisely the kind of person I'd like to have in my company. After I got back to NYC, I contacted Mitch and presented a proposal, then a contract.

Now, I am proud to announce the new Chief EMF Consultant for ELEXANA: Mitchell Marchand.

So, why did I first write about his conviction and integrity?

Mitch was a successful Professional Electrical Engineer for nine years. He had worked his way up in his field to the point where his future was secure. His wife, a naturopathic doctor, had become ill. She began researching her symptoms and came upon the ill-health effects of human-made electromagnetic fields on the human body. She purchased a gauss meter and lo and beheld, the levels were very high.

Mitch, I'm sure due to his B.Sc schooling and his Professional Engineer membership, was a little skeptical of any claims that EMF could have on health. Despite any doubts, he did some research and concluded they needed to move.

After Mitch and his wife moved, his wife's health quickly improved. This seemingly miraculous recovery piqued Mitch's interest. He wanted to learn more. His training to become a Professional Electrical Engineer did cover electromagnetism in detail, but there was no mention of biological effects regarding the interaction with electromagnetism. (This is what I find for every one of the dozens of PE's I've encountered.)

Mitch sought out the Electromagnetic Radiation Program with the International Institute of Building Biologists® and eventually became a certified EMRS (Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist.)

Mitch could not speak out about the potential health effects of electromagnetic radiation as a Professional Engineer since his opinions regarding safe exposure level limits were not in line with his profession's or the IEEE EMF safety guidelines. Mitch wanted to do more than measure EMFs; he needed to educate and speak freely about the potential health effects. As a result, he decided to take the "P" off of his title.

Tatami Room: Our Newest Affiliate

Anyone looking for a solid wood bed frame with little metal in the build and no VOC’s, has an easy choice with Tatami Room beds.

Those who are concerned about geopathic stress should know that metal near a high DC magnetic field can become magnetized. Also, RF radio frequencies are attracted to metal, so someone sleeping inside a metal bed frame or with metal springs are essentially sleeping within an RF antenna. Our education page speaks about why RF interrupts sleep.

Tamami bed frames are cut so precisely that the wooden parts interlock and don’t require fasteners. There are four small screws that are supplied for holding the center wood piece, that’s it! These beds give the feel of Japanese luxury and timeless craftsmanship.

Tatami beds are easy to assemble and look even better in real life than these pictures below.


Shipping is free. The beds are made in Japan and shipped from California. Our Tatami bed took 4 business days to arrive.

The only negative, which is also a positive, is that the king-sized beds weigh 260 pounds. This is real solid wood. The weight makes adjusting our RF blocking sleep canopy floor-sheet difficult to remove and put back, for cleaning.

We felt that the bed we received was such a great deal that we contacted Jason, the USA store manager, and requested that will become affiliates. We are happy that he and their owner thought this was a good idea. if you contact us, we will email you a 10% discount code if you plan to spend more than $1,000.

Anyone with insomnia should consider Tatami Room beds along the mattresses from our other affiliate’s at Coco-Mat on Broadway as an essential step towards the healing process. If you are feeling experimental, then also try their traditional Japanese tamami mats.

Here a link to these the Tatami Room site: Tatami Room

Coco-Mat on Broadway: our new affiliate

Because we help our clients solve their own insomnia issues, one question we often get asked is what mattresses do we recommend.

Now, we have an answer: Coco-Mat on Broadway

For the discount, tell Taylor that Jim from ELEXANA sent you.

For the discount, tell Taylor that Jim from ELEXANA sent you.

These mattresses are the best we have found in comfort, quality, without metal springs, and free of VOC’s. These mattresses are made in Greece and shipped to NYC.

When you go to the store on Broadway, ask for Taylor, the store manager. He is the nicest man. Tell him that Jim from ELEXANA sent you. You will then receive a 5% discount. It’s not much, but because of the amazing quality of both the materials and manufacturing, they are expensive and the 5% discount will add up.

Go there and check them out. You will love these beds. I also have they’re natural latex extra large pillow. This is great for side-sleepers, such as myself.

Here are more store details:

Address2200 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

Hours: Thursday 11AM–7PM, Friday 11AM–7PM, Saturday 11AM–7PM, Sunday 12–6PM, Monday 11AM–7PM, Tuesday 11AM–7PM, Wednesday 11AM–7PM.

Phone(212) 362-0449 ask for Taylor

Here is their website: Coco-Mat

ELEXANA is EMF Testing in Rochester, New York

Next week, we are testing the electromagnetic fields and providing EMF remediation consulting for a residence in the suburbs of Rochester, New York. Yes, EMF issues are everywhere and we are here to help make your home and business healthier.

When your head hits the pillow at night, know that you have done everything you could to ensure your family's health and well being.

ELEXANA is EMF Testing in Miami, Florida

We are flying via American Airlines to Miami, Florida to provide our EMF Testing Services for a new client. This year, we will have covered cities throughout the entire East Coast of the US; from Portland, Maine to Miami, Florida. 

It may cost the client a little extra to have us fly in to your location, but it's worth hiring an expert who will provide a world-class service.

Announcing the New ELEXANA Affiliate Partner: Safe Living Technologies

ELEXANA is proud to announce our new affiliate partner  Safe Living Technologies based in Canada. SLT is the largest EMF shielding supply store in North America. Owned by the knowledgable EMF technician, Rob Metzinger, it does not sell any EMF gimmicks, EMF shielding products that don't work, or unreliable EMF meters or EMF monitors. Also, SLT is an excellent source for all Gigahertz Solutions EMF Monitors and is the supplier of all the top EMF shielding and remediation gear you'd ever need.

Most important, enter Elexana-SLT into the code box while checking out and you will receive a 5% additional discount. 

So, no taxes, an efficient shipping department, great people to deal with, and a 5% discount!