EMF Real-Estate Surveys & Assessments

If you are interested in purchasing a new property, it’s best to seek an EMF survey & assessment before going into contract.

WHY YOU WANT to consider US:

A. If your concern is a power station, an electrical transmission line, a sub-station, or a transformer nearby the property:

1. We simply do more. We have years of experience, knowledge, and training from three electrical engineers and the International Institute of Building Biology’s Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Program. Our Mitch Marchand, an electrical engineer in Elexana, worked 9-years for a power company.

We measure, with thorough patience and precision, all AC Magnetic Fields with our state-of-the-art certified-calibrated hand-held Gauss Meters, in mG (milligauss) and nT (nanoTesla) units to provide a thorough and professional assessment of the property.

Power Transmission Lines emit ELF (Extremely Low Fields) @ 60 Hertz. The nature of this energy enables us to measure this frequency range as two separate fields; magnetic and electric fields.

2. We measure the AC Electric Fields in V/m3 (Volts per cubic-meter.) To do this, we use a state-of-the-art certified-calibrated proprietary-technology hand-held Near-Field Analyzer.

3. We will also drive a grounding rod into the Earth and measure the Earth’s voltage and current levels on your property, as well as corresponding frequencies. We do this with Industrial Electrical Engineering tools.

4. If we have access to the basement, we can check to see if any stray current is entering into the home.

5. We provide a baseline examination to quickly dtermine if you have magnetic fields from electrical wiring errors.

6. We will the present to you a hierarchy of solutions, if required.

B. If your concerns are the nearby cell tower transmitters, airport radar, or neighbor’s smart meter and WiFi:

1. We test every High-Frequency HF Communication signal from the non-pulsed FM radio station and local TV station signals all the way up to pulsed microwave radiation signals using two state-of-the-art certified-calibrated Far-Field hand-held RF analyzers and four different antennas.

2. We will not only record the power density of these signals, but we will show you the direction of their sources.

3. We will then share with you the best mitigation strategies.

C. If you are concerned about Geopathic Stress resulting strong DC magnetic fields in the Earth:

1. We test the DC Magnetic Fields with a certified-calibrated DC Magnetometer hand-held Monitor with a transverse antenna used for manufacturing and scientific laboratory work.

2. We’ll advise you where the best spot on the property is to build your home. This will also help to avoid rebar and other metallic structures from becoming magnetized and possible stress fractures to the home’s foundation.

D. If you need any or all of these services, then please just let us know. We are happy to answer any of your questions.