Why is Identifying Electrical Wiring Errors Essential to EMF Testing?

In nearly half the homes and businesses we test for EMF, we encounter wiring errors that cause severe to extreme AC Magnetic Fields. Using non-invasive EMF meters, imagers, wall scanners, and monitors, we can do all of this without turning a screw! Yes, we don’t have to open a wall outlet receptacle, take a mains panel off, or anything involving actual electrical work that requires an electrician’s license.

This is the REAL work you should expect from a professional EMF inspection and ELEXANA is the ONLY EMF services company in the New York City Tri-State area that has this training, offers this essential service, and has the partnered electricians to fix these issues.

How do we do this? Simply, this is accomplished with the skills and knowledge which all those who have passed the Building Biologist® IBE 312 Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation possess. These particular skills were taught in live practical workshops by electrical engineers and master electricians at the IBE 312 in Santa Fe, NM. Unfortunately, there are less than 100 people in America with this training.

How do wiring errors occur? Well, there are quite a few ways. Here are some:

  • If a critter gets into the walls and chews an electrical wire, then the resistance in the wire will change and may not be capable of bearing the voltage load.

  • If a screw that holds down a wire to a connection loosens, then the gap creates a change in the current flow and also effects the resistance.

  • If an electrician does not adhere to National Electric Code because he has not kept up-to-date with new code changes, or he’s in a hurry, then a wiring error can occur. Just because the lights go on does not prove that there’s not a wiring error. Unless we test, a client does not know, for sure, if they had a good electrician or a poor one.

Where there is electromagnetism, there’s heat.

Mitch, Ryan, and Jim have evolved to becoming experts at locating wiring errors.  Wiring errors are not only a potential fire hazard (48% of all fires are caused by these issues) but, they are also a common source of strong electromagnetic fields in the home.

Call us today for your professional EMF assessment. There’s no reason to live with this question unanswered.

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