The Elexana Approach to Health

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We address all possible external and internal factors that may be causing stress to your body on every level down to the cellular.

External toxins are everything from electromagnetic fields to volatile organic compounds floating in the air of your residence or office. Internal cell stressors cause your body's cells to emit electrons resulting in oxidative stress, inflammation, and even forced cell death or unnatural apoptosis. These cell stressors are caused by electromagnetic fields, heavy metals from pollutants, parasites, viruses, chemical toxins, and more.

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We provide you with our proprietary safe, gentle, and natural healing programs customized just for your blood type, condition, and lifestyle.

These programs include our unique and innovative Advanced Cellular Detoxification Program.

You will gain a new vantage with tools that work for you. Your body will increase its auto-immune response and slow the aging process. 

You will have a newly found appreciation for self-care and gain a new conscious perspective on everything you eat and do. 

You will be able to enjoy all that life has to offer, yet again!


experience the Health benefits for yourself 

featuring the best kept secrets in environmental toxicology



 CLINICAL PRE-DIAGNOSTIC DATA PREP For Medical Doctors, Physicians, and Naturopaths

 THE NEW YORK ELECTRICAL SAFETY PROGRAM partnered with Einstein Electrical Corporation

EMF Sensitivity Test

EMF Sensitivity Solutions


Who are our clients?

Our clients are informed people who have an intelligent common-sense approach to life.

Our clients are aware of the ill health-effects environmental toxins foment.

Our clients want to resolve their health issues and not just have their symptoms treated.

We all have a common biology, but you are unique. And, so is the special program package designed just for you. With THE ELEXANA COMPLETE, you can bundle any of these programs below for the rate of one program!


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ELEXANA LLC was established in 2017 (EIN #82-3831284)

an expansion of EMF Consultants 2012

 New York, New York


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