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We’re solving insomnia, acid reflux disease, adrenal stress, low testosterone, hypoglycemia, obesity, low blood and urine pH, gluten-intolerance, short-term memory issues, & other common health issues.

Electron/Health: in Latin: “Electronic/Sana” = ELEXANA


Our Approach

The first step

ELEXANA is considered the first upstream natural health and wellness company in the world. By upstream, we seek to uncover the possible external sources of your illness by applying common sense open-minded pragmatism towards discovering possible causation.

All external and internal toxins put stress on our bodies at the cellular level.

 External toxins include: strong electromagnetic field radiation, volatile organic compounds (V.O.C.'s), heavy metals, parasites, viruses, and more. 

These stressors cause cells to relinquish their electrons consequently resulting in oxidative stress, inflammation, and often untimely cell death or unnatural apoptosis. We address and work to remediate and mitigate all of these stressors.

* If you’d like to continue working with your current health practitioner, we simply will provide the first step, only. We work with medical doctors, chiropractors, naturopaths, functional medicine practitioners, etc.

The Second Step

After remediation and mitigation of various external toxicity, we can provide suggestions for a safe, gentle, and natural healing program designed just for you. No gadgets or devices, no pharmaceuticals, no coffee enemas, no epsom salt flushes, no extremes.

Everyone who has completed our program has healed their own health issue(s)...most ahead of schedule. That's right, we don't heal anyone. You do! Your conscious effort and DNA programmed-to-heal body do the healing.

The Third Step

We help guide you with an exit plan towards maintaining your wellness and building upon your success.



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ELEXANA LLC was established in 2017, Entity #6673164, EIN #82-3831284

an expansion of EMF Consultants formed in 2012

 New York, New York



Certified, Licensed, and Insured by Lloyd's of London (Cert. #105-2019072-00)

Licensed Natural Medicine D.PSc, PMA (Lic. #179394253)

HIPAA Certified and Compliant (Cert. #148728)

OSHA Certified for General Industry Safety and Health (Cert. #36-702032637)




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