Recently, on a podcast interview EMF Expert, who was not a certified Building Biology® EMRS, advised clients to add metallic objects to their environment to help with electro-sensitivity symptoms. He based this idea on a test he did not describe, to lay out the "science" for another new material he was selling. He claimed that it would adsorb RFR and miraculously keep it from getting to the customer.

If this person were actually a trained EMRS, he would know why this is a fallacy. I do not make any claims on whether or not this material absorbs radio frequencies, since all materials absorb radio frequencies at one degree or another.

Here is what I do know, regarding this:

1) There are various ways to interpret physical phenomena, experimental results, and data.

2) If you are standing between a radio signal and an EMF absorbent material, the signal has to pass through or around you before it can get to the shield behind you. In NYC, RFR comes from every direction.

3) Even the most intelligent PhD's make fundamental mistakes, especially when operating outside their field of expertise.


When it comes to our EMF mitigation practices, the bottom line is:

1) does the remediation make sound scientific sense, 

2) what are the readings on the EMF Analyzers after EMF shielding has been applied, and

3) how are my clients and I feeling after we mitigate.

Yes. Metallic objects do act as antennas for radio frequencies.  An antenna also absorbs EMF. What is incorrect is that it makes it "better" for a person to have more metal in their environment.

1) A metallic object will not emit RF, but it will reflect RF. If there is a reflective surface behind you, then you will also receive the reflection.


2) Because RF is electromagnetism, metallic objects, iron in particular, will fill the core of the solenoid effect of RFR and amplify the intensity. This is how and why electromagnets will become up to hundreds of times more powerful when an iron core is inserted inside a solenoid coil. This proprietary diagram spells this out: Iron Core Solenoid

3) Iron Core transformers can also exponentially increase voltage.


It's not the material. Many materials block out RFR. It's the application and the fundamental problems with the application that are the problem. For example: grounding pads or RFR-blocking clothing.

In the usual application of grounding pads, The user is an electrical conductor and actually becomes a part of the current flowing through the grounding pad. The user's body voltage will read zero, but may actually be conducting several volts. 

If that grounding pad is plugged into the ground of a wall outlet, then it is now corrupting the ground in that circuit, thereby increasing the electromagnetic interference that is already on that circuit. 

RF clothing is also a ridiculous EMF gimmick. You may be blocking the radio frequencies with that RF fabric shawl or hat, but you are also wearing an antenna that is attracting more radio frequencies, increasing your skin-body voltage, and skin’s frequency.

The bottom line is that before you go out and spend your hard-earned money on the latest-greatest "thing," be sure that it has been checked out by a reputable EMF expert and try to learn more about shielding different frequencies...or, just ask us at ELEXANA LLC. We love this work.


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