What is an EMRS?

Professional Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™

 “The EMRS distinction is the most coveted and prestigious EMF Testing Certification in North America.”

  • The Building Biology® Institute is a registered CEU provider of continuing education.

  • The BBI offers the only accredited EMF training program in the United States and Canada.

  • The BBI is where Electrical Engineers go to learn about testing electromagnetic fields and to get certified.

  • Less than 40 persons in the USA and Canada can claim the distinction of being a certified Professional Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™ (EMRS.)

Every Building Biology® Institute Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™ is trained and educated on the operation and details of the electrical power grid from the power plant to your wall outlet receptacle and she or he is trained to identify wiring errors that cause electromagnetism as well as instruct an electrician on how to fix these errors. We are on the cutting-edge of all science-based mitigation and remediation techniques and materials. These are strong reasons why we are the best choice for all of your EMF consulting and remediation service needs. Read: Why is Identifying Electrical Wiring Errors Essential to EMF Testing?

There is no electrical engineering school or home inspection program that approaches the level and depth of the Building Biology® Institute’s EMRS Program. The coursework includes the latest EMF scientific discoveries and on-going studies, EMF effects on health, the mechanics of electromagnetism, the physics of electromagnetism from the Earth’s DC Magnetic Fields through to all the types of ionizing nuclear radiation and electromagnetic interference. Training includes testing skills and hands-on techniques for using hand-held EMF meters, monitors and analyzers, oscilloscopes, spectroscopes, spectrum analysis, waveform analysis, computerized data-logging with time stamping, remediation techniques, the specifications and shielding capabilities of the latest EMF mitigation materials and their application, the power grid from power plant to your home, home electrical systems, identifying and correcting electrical wiring errors, the latest knowledge on smart meters, testing smart meters for local governments, the 5G network, and more.