What is the Difference Between EMF Testing and EMR Testing?

The short answer is that there is no difference.

We generally measure EMF as a three-dimensional X, Y, Z vector array in cubic meters. An electromagnetic field unifies charged photon particles with a corresponding magnetic flux forming a wavelength vibrating at a frequency or band of frequencies. One interesting effect seldom mentioned is that it emits both visible and invisible light and audible and inaudible sound.

EMF Testing implies an unbiased scientific measurement of an electromagnetic field’s power density or flux, frequency range, size, and shape. The power of the field is strongest near the source point and weakens with distance. The energy of the field increases proportionally with frequency increase (Planck’s Law.)

An EMR or electromagnetic radiation is necessarily the same thing as an EMF. EMR seems to have taken on a more social or ecological connotation. When we speak of an electromagnetic field as an EMR, most physicists will often begin their discussion by distinguishing the difference between how electromagnetic forces can affect an atom. Ionizing radiation or nuclear radiation effects change to an atom by having enough energy to detach one or more electrons from an atom. Non-ionizing radiation does not detach a particle from an atom, but it can change the quantum orbit and spin of its electrons.

When many think of radiation, they think of nuclear radiation such as x-rays and gamma rays which are ionic radiation that can penetrate the human body. What we find is that most clients do not realize that much of the non-ionizing bandwidth of the electromagnetic spectrum can also penetrate the human body. The AC Magnetic Field that corresponds with the electricity in your home is capable of penetrating salt water to 10,000 feet below sea level and high up into the ionosphere. Nuclear radiation cannot do either.

It is the changing of an electron's quantum orbit, the electron spin, or both, inside an atom within a biological cell which is where we see how living cells can be affected. One natural result is the reversal of a cell's polarity causing cells to relinquish electrons, oxidize, become more acidic, possibly inflamed, and eventually mutate or die. Another aspect is the non-native electromagnetic effect (human-made EMF) on protein receptors and electrical signaling channels for cellular pathways such as the effect on the calcium ion (Ca+) motility and potassium (K+) channels and transduction pathways in neurons.