Jay Zimner, Manhattan

I want to thank Elexana and it’s staff for the tremendous insight, knowledge, and help they provided my family and me. By testing all of the electromagnetic fields in our New York City apartment and changing our habits, my wife now sleeps easier and we all feel healthier in our environment! Thank you again, Elexana!

Scott Harris, Manhattan

Jim was excellent. He is an expert in his field, and pointed out simple things we could do to help improve the quality of our home life. Peace of mind is priceless, and this costs a lot less than that! Well worth it.

Michael Schiavone, Manhattan

Wonderful, caring company that knows their business and is willing to go the extra mile the help the clients. Jim is fantastic to work with and will help you every step of the way. Couldn't recommend them enough!

Phil Cicio, Manhattan

After researching many companies, we went with Jim's because initially he was comprehensive and knowledgeable in explaining the overall process in assessing our home for EMFs. When Jim came out to our home, he was eager to explain what needed to be done to uncover potential hazards. He was prompt and efficient and well prepared. Within hours we had a remediation plan. He left us with all the tools we needed to do basic, easy, and simple changes. We were able to do everything ourselves within a short period of time. We did not have to spend a lot of money to do these simple changes. Jim followed up with phone calls and support. It has been a few months since Jim was here. We are all sleeping much better. We have an overall feeling of being relaxed and well rested. None of us have been sick. And, we have continued to stick to all changes which have been beneficial to our family.
We are grateful for Jim's knowledge and his caring for our well being. We highly recommend Elexana.

Janice G. Roven, Manhattan

Do yourself and your family a favor and hire EMF. Jim is knowledgeable, timely, kind and passionate. He had real suggestions and actually followed up to see if we followed up on his suggestions. I strongly recommend this company!

Miles Cutler, Downtown Brooklyn

Jim was extraordinarily thorough with his tests and explanations throughout his assessment of my home. He gave me wonderful feedback. Because of Jim, I’ve slept the last 4 nights undisturbed. You’d be doing yourself and your family a good service by having Jim come in and help you live safely with your electronics.

Victoria Moran, Manhattan

"The director of the new documentary "Generation Zapped" will be on my show next week, and the film inspired me to get EMF (electro-magnetic field) testing for my own home. I was a bit nervous about it because there is a lot of charlatanism in all these "alternative" services, but OMG, what a fabulous company and what a wonderful person did this testing for us! Jim from Elexana was so thorough, so knowledgable, so patient, and so understanding. How refreshing to deal with a company that is trustworthy, does what they'll say they do, doesn't promise miracles, and doesn't try to sell you a bunch of extra stuff."

Amanda Rose Walsh, Manhattan

I highly recommend Elexana and more specifically, the owner Jim. Once I started to learn about the dangers of EMFs, I contacted Jim who came to my apartment and did a very thorough assessment. I learned some simple changes we could make to reduce our exposure. Jim was professional, caring, friendly and so knowledgeable. He answered all my questions, gave us plenty of time to learn and discuss and quickly emailed me an overall report of his findings. Since taking his recommendations into account, both my husband and I have been experiencing the best sleep of our entire lives and overall just feel and notice an enhanced sense of vitality. Really so thankful we found Jim and Elexana and feel much better equipped to deal with the challenges of EMFs.

Flora Goltsman, Manhattan

Jim was my final hope. I was so ill with nobody left who could help me. Nothing I tried worked. Like a miracle, I am well, now. I’m so very happy and grateful I found Jim and ELEXANA.

Yosepha Bankhalter, Crown Heights, Brooklyn

Jim is a most professional and knowledgeable person who sincerely wants to assist people in creating healthy living and working environments. He was both comprehensive and scientific in his assessment of my home; and he offered practical solutions in order to address my family's needs in living in a highly electromagnetic environment in Brooklyn, NY. I am forever grateful for his service and for his kind and caring manner.

Michael S., Manhattan

Concerned about potentially high levels of EMF in our own Manhattan apartment, my wife and I searched for a firm with the knowledge and capability of measuring the problem and proposing ways to mitigate it, and we found in Elexana’s leader, James Finn, a person not only exceptionally well-schooled in the subject, but also personally dedicated to providing practical, real-world and cost-effective solutions. For those with likeminded concerns about EMF and its effects on one’s physical and mental well-being, I can enthusiastically recommend Elexana as a company with a holistic approach to dealing with one of the fastest-growing health challenges in our society today.


"I highly recommend Elexana and their founder Jim Finn. Jim personally travelled from New York to my home in Maine to perform a full assessment of the EMF levels throughout our house. Not only did he find a number of easy (and inexpensive) fixes to help my family and I reduce our exposure to potentially harmful forces, but he helped us implement the changes immediately. As a result, we've been sleeping better, experiencing renewed levels of natural physical energy, and enjoying ourselves in a more hospitable environment. While perhaps unconventional to some, I believe that Jim and his team's work will only gain in importance as we allow more wireless and Bluetooth-based technologies into our homes and research shows the potential detrimental effects of doing so. Jim said it best when wrapping up his assessment of our home: "If you're going to live in Maine, actually live in Maine - not 'Times Square' in Maine." I couldn't be more grateful to Jim for showing us the invisible forces at play in our home and how to best manage them."  - Chris A., Falmouth, Maine

Jessica V., Manhattan

I had chronic fatigue syndrome for about a year. My doctor tried everything but had no success. I had started taking anti-depressants thinking it was just in my head. I was at the end of my rope when I met Jim. He tested our home, made some corrections, and showed me a better way to use my laptop. Three weeks later, I felt back to my old self and without meds. Wow!

Brian H., Manhattan

I was on Nexium for over 10 years and was beginning to have shortness of breath, vertigo, and heart palpitations. My friend who was cured of acid reflux by Jim suggested I give him a call. I worked his Digestive Revitalize Program and amazing...I am completely good to go!

David T., Manhattan

I wanted to get into really good shape and better health, but taking Prevacid was a bummer. A friend at work told me about Jim. It sounded too good to be true. I worked his Digestive Revitalize Program and now I'm off the drug and feeling years younger!

Tammy O., Darien, Connecticut

I was taking Trazadone for my sleeping issues but was really bummed I was taking a drug to sleep. A friend suggested Jim. I thought it was hocus-pocus but was willing to try anything. Now, I sleep like a baby. Unbelievable!

Janet N., Manhattan

My husband hadn't slept through the night since I met him 6 years ago. Jim tested our home one afternoon and suggested we make some simple changes. That very same night, my husband slept without waking until the morning and still always sleeps well when he's home. Amazing!

Will G., Atlanta, Georgia 

After being on Prilosec and Omeprazole for over 5 years I was beginning to always have poor energy. I did the Revitalize program and now I can’t believe how amazing I feel. It’s like I’m 20 years younger with a whole new positive outlook on life. Thank you!

lawrence R., Boston, massachusetts

Thanks to ELEXANA I am finally sleeping again!

H.G., Manhattan

After making some simple corrections to my workstation I no longer get so tired.

Francis N., Short Hills, New Jersey

Get the testing! The recommendation email blew my mind. It was filled with many corrections, all kinds of helpful information, and helpful safety tips. Jim was amazing!

Kevin F., Astoria, Queens

For years I could only sleep with bed risers. I had a hiatal hernia and GERD. I'm a traveling salesman, so I had to carry bed risers with me all the time. My doctor had me on Omeprazole for 4 years and wanted me to get an operation for my hernia. I was off the Omeprazole the first day of the program and haven't looked back. Jim helped me fix my hiatal hernia in just two weeks! Amazing...

Jeremy C., Manhattan

I had insomnia for so many years I lost count. Jim came to my home and tested the EMF and recommended some solutions. He took my blood pressure and gave me so much info about my health just from that! It blew my mind what he was able to point out - things about my health that no one even knew! He made some changes to my home, told me to turn off all wireless at night, and gave me a list of foods to eat and suggested some mineral supplements found at my local health food store. Now, I sleep 7 hours every night and wake feeling like I can take on the world! Elexana is the most innovative and ground-breaking health and wellness resource in NYC. They have real solutions getting real results.

Lucy O., Manhattan

When you are gluten-intolerant you resign yourself to only eating gluten-free foods. I did the Digestive Revitalize Program and now, I feel incredible! People say I look younger! And, I can eat whatever I want. I've learned a whole new way of looking at food. I wish I knew about Jim and ELEXANA years ago.

Kara T., Stony Brook, NY

I suffered from Lyme’s disease and EMF Sensitivity. Now, the Lyme is gone and I’m feeling great!

Sid G., Flatbush, Brooklyn

I took Prevacid for years. My hips started to hurt and my energy was always meh. I did the Revitalize Program and now my acid reflux gone for good, no more hip pain, and I feel much better all-around. Wish I met Jim years ago!
 - Sid G., Brooklyn, NY

John C., Austin, TX

I thought my memory was slipping due to old age. Boy, was I wrong! This program really worked!
- John C., Austin, Texas

Michael S., Hoboken, NJ

 She (Michael's wife) wakes up refreshed and relaxed, with good energy levels. I am pretty sure she is achieving a deeper more healing sleep than she was.

Cathy C., Manhattan

I’m in my 60s and thin. I had been experiencing dizziness for almost a year. 

Was it vertigo?  
Hormone imbalance caused by menopause?  
I saw two doctors over a span of six months for a comprehensive blood workup. They couldn’t figure it out.
I was telling a friend at work about my health issues. 
She told me to call Jim. 
He asked me about my symptoms. 
He said it sounded like I could be suffering from high levels of EMF. 
Jim tested my apartment and found lots of issues....one main one being a building with cell towers on my block facing my bedroom and living room. 
He also tested the air quality in my apartment. It was not great.
I purchased an Austin HealthMate+ Air Purifier from Jim and followed his directions for EMF remediation using some basic EMF products. 
I’m grateful to feel better and to have found Jim. 
Now, if he could just slow down the aging process!