Mitchell Marchand, B.Sc., E.E., EMRS

Chief EMF Consultant

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My Journey into the World of EMFs

My wife became sensitive to EMFs when she moved into our cozy 600 sq. ft condo in downtown Calgary back in 2010.  She has a medical background and some environmental medicine training, so she ran all sorts of lab tests to figure out why she was becoming chronically ill and being jolted out of her sleep every night.  

This went on for months until she decided to purchase an EMF meter, thinking it was coming from her new clinic space. The day the EMF meter arrived my wife sat me down at the dinner table and told me the EMF readings in our condo were off the charts.  

We moved weeks later, and my wife immediately got better.

As someone with a background in electrical engineering, this intrigued me to the point that I took some courses on performing home EMF inspections through the Institute of Building Biology and Ecology and started performing EMF assessments for family and friends in 2011. In 2012, I completed my Building Biology Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist certification.  Since then, most of my clients are health conscious individuals and patients of Integrative Medical Doctors, Functional Medicine Doctors, and Licensed Doctors of Naturopathic Medicine. 

Another important part of my story is my decision to drop my professional engineering designation. It was because of the stance of the IEEE on safe levels of EMF exposures that I realized that my profession has a much different understanding of the impacts of human-made EMFs on people then I do. To best serve my clients, and with a heavy heart, in 2014 I dropped my professional designation.  

I love what I do and the positive impact it has on the people and families I work with.