Mitchell Marchand: The New Chief EMF Consultant of ELEXANA

Mitchell Marchand, Chief EMF Consultant, B.Sc, EE, EMRS

Mitchell Marchand, Chief EMF Consultant, B.Sc, EE, EMRS

If we are lucky in this lifetime, we will meet at least one person who has the conviction and integrity of Mitch Marchand.

I first met Mitch at the Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Seminar in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in 2018. Mitch was one of the Lab assistants and guest lecturer. He had a calm and relaxed self-assuredness and was always respectful, clear-headed, and articulate. Mitch would listen with a patient ear and answer all questions with a thoughtful and professional demeanor.

After several meetings and conversations, it was clear that Mitch was the kind of person I like to be associated with and is precisely the kind of person I'd like to have in my company. After I got back to NYC, I contacted Mitch and presented a proposal, then a contract.

Now, I am proud to announce the new Chief EMF Consultant for ELEXANA: Mitchell Marchand.

So, why did I first write about his conviction and integrity?

Mitch was a successful Professional Electrical Engineer for nine years. He had worked his way up in his field to the point where his future was secure. His wife, a naturopathic doctor, had become ill. She began researching her symptoms and came upon the ill-health effects of human-made electromagnetic fields on the human body. She purchased a gauss meter and lo and beheld, the levels were very high.

Mitch, I'm sure due to his B.Sc schooling and his Professional Engineer membership, was a little skeptical of any claims that EMF could have on health. Despite any doubts, he did some research and concluded they needed to move.

After Mitch and his wife moved, his wife's health quickly improved. This seemingly miraculous recovery piqued Mitch's interest. He wanted to learn more. His training to become a Professional Electrical Engineer did cover electromagnetism in detail, but there was no mention of biological effects regarding the interaction with electromagnetism. (This is what I find for every one of the dozens of PE's I've encountered.)

Mitch sought out the Electromagnetic Radiation Program with the International Institute of Building Biologists® and eventually became a certified EMRS (Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist.)

Mitch could not speak out about the potential health effects of electromagnetic radiation as a Professional Engineer since his opinions regarding safe exposure level limits were not in line with his profession's or the IEEE EMF safety guidelines. Mitch wanted to do more than measure EMFs; he needed to educate and speak freely about the potential health effects. As a result, he decided to take the "P" off of his title.