ELEXANA is now HIPAA Certified and Compliant

As of April 9, 2018 @ 5 PM, ELEXANA LLC is officially HIPAA certified and compliant. Even though, we do accept insurance, we abide by all clients' rights to privacy as directed by HIPAA compliance protocols.

This means that your health records are private and will not be seen by anyone other than me, James J. Finn. If records need to be destroyed, then they are shredded by a HIPAA compliant paper shredder. (We just purchased a new shredder just for this purpose.)

ELEXANA is completely committed to you and the improvement of your health. An important aspect to healing is that you learn to find ways to reduce your stress levels; both physically and mentally. Knowing that we respect your rights to privacy is just another step that we are taking to help you feel confident and secure that you are in the right hands when you sign on with our health and wellness programs.

Have a wonderful Spring.

   Yours in good health,

                     James J. Finn