Opportunity: ELEXANA is Seeking EMF Testing Technicians to Train for Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Miami

Opportunity: We are seeking intelligent, personable, and professional people to train as EMF Testing Technicians for Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., and Miami. A science degree and/or electrical background is required. Please, send your resume to info@elexana.com with a letter why you want to be an EMF Testing Technician and describe your personal attributes which you believe qualify you to be a good representative of our company.

You must own a presentable car and a valid driver's license. If we find you are qualified, you will then submit two employment references, copies of your degrees, a photo copy of your license, and be subjected to a social security number background check.

We thank you for your interest.


NEW! ELEXANA Now Offering World's Best Nutritional Products and Essential Oils

After months of research, ELEXANA is now proud to offer the world's best nutritional products and highest quality essential oils; designed by Dr. Jerry Tennant, M.D., and Curador. 


At ELEXANA, the use of nutritional supplementation is not a necessary feature of our health and wellness programs, but for many New Yorkers, a fast-paced lifestyle makes it extremely difficult to get all of the nutrients our bodies require. Because of this, we have decided to offer the very highest quality nutritional products and essential oils we could find.

We thank both Curador and Dr. Jerry Tennant Products for recognizing, verifying, and approving our good work, qualifications, and credentials as an authorized healthcare professional service. We are so pleased and honored to present to our friends and family these impressively high-quality exclusive products which cannot be sold on Amazon, eBay, or other internet sites.

Your quest to reach the summit of nutritional supplementation has brought you here.

All prices are fixed, so we are not permitted to charge more or less than we are instructed. Shipping is free within the USA and all listed health products are tax-exempt, Made in the USA, and sent directly to you from the manufacturer. Refunds or returns are not permitted. Before purchasing, please, Inform your licensed medical physician your desire to use any nutritional products. 

ELEXANA is EMF Testing in Rochester, New York

Next week, we are testing the electromagnetic fields and providing EMF remediation consulting for a residence in the suburbs of Rochester, New York. Yes, EMF issues are everywhere and we are here to help make your home and business healthier.

When your head hits the pillow at night, know that you have done everything you could to ensure your family's health and well being.

ELEXANA is EMF Testing in Miami, Florida

We are flying via American Airlines to Miami, Florida to provide our EMF Testing Services for a new client. This year, we will have covered cities throughout the entire East Coast of the US; from Portland, Maine to Miami, Florida. 

It may cost the client a little extra to have us fly in to your location, but it's worth hiring an expert who will provide a world-class service.

Announcing the New ELEXANA Affiliate Partner: Safe Living Technologies

ELEXANA is proud to announce our new affiliate partner  Safe Living Technologies based in Canada. SLT is the largest EMF shielding supply store in North America. Owned by the knowledgable EMF technician, Rob Metzinger, it does not sell any EMF gimmicks, EMF shielding products that don't work, or unreliable EMF meters or EMF monitors. Also, SLT is an excellent source for all Gigahertz Solutions EMF Monitors and is the supplier of all the top EMF shielding and remediation gear you'd ever need.

Most important, enter Elexana-SLT into the code box while checking out and you will receive a 5% additional discount. 

So, no taxes, an efficient shipping department, great people to deal with, and a 5% discount!

ELEXANA is now HIPAA Certified and Compliant

As of April 9, 2018 @ 5 PM, ELEXANA LLC is officially HIPAA certified and compliant. Even though, we do accept insurance, we abide by all clients' rights to privacy as directed by HIPAA compliance protocols.

This means that your health records are private and will not be seen by anyone other than me, James J. Finn. If records need to be destroyed, then they are shredded by a HIPAA compliant paper shredder. (We just purchased a new shredder just for this purpose.)

ELEXANA is completely committed to you and the improvement of your health. An important aspect to healing is that you learn to find ways to reduce your stress levels; both physically and mentally. Knowing that we respect your rights to privacy is just another step that we are taking to help you feel confident and secure that you are in the right hands when you sign on with our health and wellness programs.

Have a wonderful Spring.

   Yours in good health,

                     James J. Finn

ELEXANA Founder's Story - James Finn: Health and Wellness Pioneer

 James Finn (photo by Deutsch Photography, 2017)

James Finn (photo by Deutsch Photography, 2017)

  - by Murray Stevens, Independent Writer, April 7, 2018 


Back in 2001, James Finn (founder) was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Crohn's Disease, Chronic Insomnia, and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. In 2008, his health further deteriorated. He was also diagnosed with Adrenal Failure and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. His General Practioner confirmed that these diseases began presenting in the early 1990's.

After more than a decade of suffering from illness, Jim's doctors had proven themselves unsuccessful in solving any single one of his health issues. As a last resort, Jim put the full responsibility for getting well onto his own shoulders.

Jim said, "A few of my childhood friends had become doctors and I was just as smart as they were, so why couldn't I learn what they had learned, and more?" He feels that his ability to understand the artistic process along with his boundless capacity for creativity and insightfulness was and still is a keen advantage.

Applying his confident self-discipline and self-learning abilities, he acquired from years of being a jazz and classical musician, Jim studied anatomy; cellular biology, biochemistry, nutrition, and the effects of environmental toxicities.  It is with the latter that he discovered the vast and little-discussed health consequences caused by electromagnetic fields. 

Eventually, Jim cured all of his illnesses becoming completely healed. He continued EMF Testing and solving a myriad of health issues for family, neighbors, and friends. He enjoyed making a real difference by directly improving lives. With coaxing from his wife, he decided to offer his services to the general public.

EMF Consultants was the first and only New York City-based company to test, analyze, and implement multi-tiered solutions for reducing electromagnetic field radiation.

As Jim continued helping clients his success and reputation grew. He eventually formed ELEXANA as an extension of EMF Consultants, which now operates within ELEXANA LLC. 

ELEXANA is essentially from the Latin words for Electron and Health or Cure. It is by addressing this aspect of the body's function that Jim credits his success with helping cure the common diseases ELEXANA has been credited. His journey since studying with Chinese Doctor Shih in the 1980's has come full circle with a whole new twist. 

He is part of a growing number of practitioners who believe that modern medicine is looking in the wrong direction for curing cancer and other fatal illnesses. Rather than focusing on a chemical cure for everything, scientists need to spend more time looking at the effects of a reversal of cellular polarity, obstruction of calcium ion signaling and motility caused by electromagnetism and other cell stressors, and the ill-health effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI), strong EMF, and fluoride on the thyroid; the electrical regulator for the entire body.














Gigahertz Solutions NFA1000 - Keeping Current with the Latest EMF Testing Equipment


ELEXANA's EMF Testing Department (EMF Consultants) has recently added the Gigahertz Solutions 3-D Low Frequency Analyzer NFA1000 to the toolbox. This state-of-the-art certified-calibrated data logging / manually operated testing instrument measures the non-ionic radiation levels of AC magnetic fields (M) and 3-Dimensional AC Fields to Ground and Ungrounded Potential-Free Electric Fields (E), Body-Skin Voltage, electrostatic and magnetostatic fields, and the most body-penetrating part of the spectrum often associated with "dirty electricity" or electromagnetic interference (EMI.) The NFA1000 measures the frequency range from 5 Hertz to 1 MHz (1000kHz.)

Magnetic fields are associated with ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies): ELF energy or "M" Is emitted by Power Lines, home wiring errors, induction motors, DC-to-AC electric power convertors found in solar power systems, wind turbine systems, AC-to-DC convertors found in computers, industrial machinery and power tools.

Potential-Free Current (E) is the electric field that travels through the air; effecting all living things. Powered-ON electronic devices and live AC wiring emit electric fields that are not often consciously felt by human beings, but the human body is very responsive to subtle radiation energy level changes in body-skin voltage. Our adrenal glands consequently react to these often low levels of electric stress on the skin by releasing "fight or flight" hormones: adrenaline and cortisol.

Strong electric fields are often the reason perspective clients complain of poor energy or fatigue, thyroid issues, headaches, burning skin sensations, tingling, sleeplessness, and more. We find that it is often multiple integrating EMFs from different parts of the EMF spectrum that have the most impact on health.

Electric fields are not to be confused with Radio Frequency (RF) radiation that is emitted by cell tower transmitters, WiFi signals, cell phones, Smart meters, cordless phones, baby monitors, etc. RF frequencies typically range from 20 kHz to 300 GHz.

At ELEXANA, we are constantly updating our training and equipment to maintain the highest standards of testing for your safety needs.

Gigahertz Solutions is a leading technology company located at Am Galgenberg 12, 90579 Langenzenn, Deutschland (Germany.) 

Introducing The ELEXANA EMF Sensitivity Testing

Do you often feel an unexplainable pressure inside your skull, tingling or heat sensations on your skin, unexplainable rashes, sudden heart palpitations, insomnia, or constant fatigue? These symptoms, and many more, could result from of entering a strong electromagnetic field. People who can physical sense these fields or experience discomfort are generally diagnosed with having EHS (Electro-Hypersensitivity) or, as we prefer: EMF Sensitivity.

EMF (electromagnetic field radiation) is created by WiFi routers, cell phones, cell tower transmitters, power lines, hybrid cars, and much more. Persons with EMF Sensitivity are estimated to comprise 3-5% of the population. We see this number increasing due to both the growing awareness of EMF health effects and the constant addition of new wireless technologies. 

Our proprietary EMF Sensitivity Testing scales your sensitivity based on a percentile scoring from a series of our tests. No two people present the exact same level of sensitivity and often, sensitive people can sense the same field in different ways.  

Test baseline scores are based on reports from hundreds of people who have described themselves as being EMF sensitive. Experiencing overt physical symptoms to electromagnetic fields (such as: pressure on the head, skin tingling or heating, headaches, brain fog, vertigo, irritability, and more) is a much more common occurrence than many realize. Oftentimes, one spouse has the sensitivity and the other will start to wonder if their partner is losing their mind. Read: EMF Sensitivity

With our scientifically designed EMF Sensitivity Testing, you can be assured that your mental faculties are still intact, or in a very few instances; not. We don't judge, just simply tally the numbers of the testings and confidentially report back to you and you only.

This testing includes live digital readings of your: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate BPM, Pulse Oximetry Blood to Oxygen Level (SpO2), Second HR BPM, Basal Forehead Temperature, and also includes our proprietary 100+ question EMF Epidemiological Survey Questionnaire.

You will receive the results within 24 hours. All results are strictly confidential. HIPPA Law.

This testing is very helpful, but not necessary, to begin the EMF Sensitivity Program. To take the test, go here: EMF Sensitivity Testing

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