Mission Statement


ELEXANA was formed for the purpose of addressing illness through the methodical discovery and mitigation of causal factors and then to offer innovative and proven successful science-based natural solutions to support the healing processes. Our orientation or focus is on the resolution of specific health issues with the application of both common sense and observational natural medicine.

Modern medicine's focus is on the downstream or end-result symptom(s), thereby tracking the disease by treating the symptom(s). When the symptoms appear to be quelled, the disease is assumed abated or in remission.

The ELEXANA approach is to look as far upstream, as possible, to locate the possible source(s) for a person's disease. First, we determine all external cell stressors, and then identify those that are internally produced. (Please, see Orientation.) As these are all addressed and remediated, we attempt to put the body in the best possible biologic status to heal. 

From our vantage, it is a Reality that we already have all of the materials we need for our own health and wellness, here on Earth.

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