EMF Test Meters

Recommending an EMF meter depends on your needs.

  • Are you Electromagnetically Aware and need to verify what you are experiencing?

    (Other terms include: EHS, EMF Sensitive, Electrohypersensitive, etc.)

  • Do you need to measure the magnetic field flux from a nearby power line?

Then, you need a gauss meter.

  • Do you need to measure the radio frequency microwave emissions from a nearby cell transmitter?

Then, you need an RF meter.

  • Are you an amateur EMF tester or an aspiring professional EMF technician?

Then, continue reading.

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“Elexana Best Choice” Amateur RF Meter

The Safe and Sound Classic

We believe that everyone should own an RF Meter and a Gauss Meter (also spelled: Gaussmeter.) For those of you do not do EMF Testing professionally, using amateur meters with pro sensors is the way to go. We have been checking out the Classic’s younger sister, the Safe and Sound Pro, and have been impressed. Because this Classic incorporates the same pro sensors with just an ON/OFF switch, it can easily fit in your front pants pocket, and the price point is $171 with your Elexana-SLT discount code, this is our Choice RF Meter. (Prices subject to change. Please, include shipping.)

We have been recommending this meter to all roof workers, those with EMF sensitivity, and more. The reports back are that they love it’s ease-of-use, size, and the comfort and safety it provides.

Purchase: Safe and Sound Classic

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“Elexana Best Choice” Amateur Gaussmeter

Alpha Labs UHS2 Gaussmeter

Our choice is actually a professional Gaussmeter that can also be NIST certified. We own three of these in addition to our 5-Gigahertz Solutions NFA 1000’s. The Alpha Labs UHS2 makes for a great back-up meter for any pro. We like its ease of use and that it has both an omnidirectional and single-axis capability. You can also switch back and forth between ELF and VLF frequency ranges, easily.

Purchase: Alpha Labs UHS2 Gaussmeter

$294.5 plus shipping with discount code: Elexana-SLT

(Prices subject to change. Please, include shipping.)


This AC Milligauss Meter Model UHS2 measures an AC magnetic field in a wide frequency range of 13 Hz to 75 kHz (75,000 Hz). The frequencies include most ELF (that is, frequencies below 1 kHz) and VLF (above 1 kHz) magnetic fields. The meter measures the true 3-axis magnitude of the AC field. Two other more specialized measurements can also be performed: 3-axis VLF-only (1kHz – 75 kHz) to measure the strength of higher-frequency fields, and 1-axis full bandwidth (13 Hz – 75 kHz) to determine the principal direction of the AC magnetic field.

Most measurements will be performed with the knob turned to 3-Axis ELF+VLF. This setting is for measurement of true magnitude of magnetic field at the widest range of frequencies (ELF + VLF).


  • NIST Traceable

  • Hard Shell Zipper Case


Frequency Range:13 Hz – 75 kHz

Maximum Range:1999.99 mG

Resolution:0.01 mG

Accuracy:±3% from 45 Hz to 5 kHz, ±7% below 45 Hz and above 5 kHz

Battery:9 volt alkaline (~ 20 hour life) / “Low Battery” indicator

Note: For amateurs, we also like the Alpha Labs TF-2 Digital EMF Meter for just the AC Magnetic aspect of the meter. We just feel that the flexibility that the Alpha Labs UHS2 offers, for less than $100, makes it a better choice.


If you want the best hand-held EMF monitors, then look no further than the excellent

Gigahertz Solutions EMF Analyzers, Made in Germany - (for professionals)


Gigahertz Solutions Professional MK70-3D Kit

Gigahertz Solutions Professional MK70-3D Kit

NFA 1000

The NFA 1000

Measures 3D AC Electric Fields and 3D AC Magnetic Fields / GaussMeter with data logging Capabilities

Eliminates the need for X-Y-Z RMS calculations Ability to measure in single axis mode when necessary

AC Electric Field Sensor:

3D X-Y-Z potential-free electric field measurement (Total Exposure)

1D ground reference measurement (Directional)

AC Magnetic Sensor Field:

3D X-Y-Z (Total Exposure)

1D (Directional)

Data logging:

Ability for extensive long-term data recordings

Records simultaneously on 4 recording channel (CH1-3 for desired 3D measurement and optional channel

Channel for recording Radio Frequency signals from the HFE59B RF Analyzer


Supplied with revolutionary PC software (NFASoft) for facilitated interpretation and documentation of the acquired data

Body Voltage Meter:

Integrated Body Voltage Meter


USB Connection to PC


Standard 4 GB SD memory card supplied (upgradeable)

Edge Display:

High frequency transient analysis for "Dirty Electricity"

Frequency Analysis:

Separate true RMS recordings of power line frequencies and harmonics (16.6 Hz | 50/60 Hz | 100/120 Hz plus even harmonics | 150/180 Hz plus odd harmonics | other frequencies < 2 kHz | all > 2kHz)

Audio Notes:

Real time voice recordings, or audio input, embedded into the data screen for playback during data evaluation

Tamper Proof:

A 'no tamper' lock feature allows for the device to be left securely on site while data logging is operational

Geiger Counter Effect:

Customized Geiger Counter/Audio alarm: Allows for a personalized volume and high exposure alarm

Peak Measurements:

Broadband peak measurements (genuine peak of a wave) Experimental Setting

Power Supply:

Li-Ion rechargeable battery for up to 48 hours of continuous recordings

Battery Charger:

External power supply / charger included

Frequency Response:

Flat Frequency Response from 5Hz to 1 MHz at -1db

Signal Rating :

RMS, RMS Hold, Peak

Magnetic Field Range:

1-19,990 nanoTesla (0.01 – 199.9 milliGauss)


Electric Field Range:

0.1-199 Volts/meter - V/m


Body Voltage :

1-19,999 mV


Resolution Magnetic Field:

Finest Reading - 1nT (0.01mG)


Resolution Electric Field:

Finest Reading - Fine Range - 0.1V/m


Accuracy / Basic Tolerance

Compensated, better than -2 dB



The HFE59B High Frequency Analyzer


RF Broadband Radio Frequency “RF” Power Meter Measures RF Power Density in Meter μW/m2

Broadband RF Analyzer

Values displayed are the sum of all of the RFR sources in the band of the antenna

Meter displays instantaneous and "maximum hold" values

Measures power density in μW/m2 (microwatts per square meter)

Uncertainty +/- 3 dB

Antenna: UBB27

Broadband Isotropic – Frequency range: 27 MHz – 3.3 GHz

Quasi-Isotropic antenna “3D” (so-called "Omni"-characteristics)

Far Field Antenna – requires a distance of 2-3 wavelengths form the source

Antenna: LogPer

Broadband Directional Logarithmic Periodic 800MHz – 3.0 GHz

AC/DC Outputs

Facilitates equipment interfacing: oscilloscopes / spectrum analyzers / full audio assessment / data logging (0.5 mV DC or 1.0 mV per digit) switchable

Factory Calibration

Calibrated in factory by Gigahertz Solutions. Traceably calibrated laboratory measurement equipment was used from Anritsu, Rohde & Schwarz and IFR (former Marconi) using the internationally accepted “Absolute –Method” for the antenna. The final test prior to dispatch verifies compliance to specifications in every respect.

3rd Party Calibration:

Upon Request: Performed by Serco GmbH Germany, according to the standards of DIN EN ISO/EC 17025 and ISO9001

LCD Display

Easy to read 3.5 digit display

Accuracy/Linearity Deviation:

+/– 3 dB, Zero offset and rollover +/- 5digits

Audible Tone:

The meter’s audio tone replicates the patterns(modulation) and intensity of measured RF emissions

Signal Detection Type:

Peak, Average, and Peak Hold feature – Radar / UMTS / 3G / 4G – Able to measure full signal and modulated (pulsed) fraction separately

Power Supply:

Rechargeable battery (NIMH supplied) – also compatible with a standard 9 Volt alkaline battery

Battery Charger:

12VDC battery charger supplied

Battery Low Indicator:

Meter will auto–power off 3 minutes following battery low signal display

Auto Power Off:

Saves on battery use – will auto–power off after 40 min of continuous RF testing

Operating Time:

NIMH provides up to 7 hours continuous use with Log Per Antenna *Note* With the UBB27 Antenna the continuous use battery life will be reduced to approximately 4 hours.

Measuring Ranges:

0.01 – 19.99 μW/m2 // 00.1 – 199.9 μW/m2 // 0.01 – 19.99 mW/m2 Capable of 1,999 mW/m2 with the external DG20_G3 Attenuator 100x) Capable of 0.001 μW/m2 with the external HV10_27G3 Amplifier (10x) (limited by internal noise for certain settings)

Fastest Event Captured

Video Band Width
VBW Standard – 30 KHz = 33 μs VBW Maximum – 2 MHz = 0.5 μs


EMFields Acoustimeter AM-10, Made in England (an RF meter for pros and amateurs)

We keep an Acoustimeter AM-10 inside our RF Sleep Canopy, purchased from Safe Living Technologies. (Yes, your Elexana-SLT discount code works for ALL of their products.)

The Acoustimeter helps us know if the canopy is completely closed. It also brings quite a bit of comfort when we see the difference in the RF levels before and after.

Purchase: Acoustimeter AM-10

Cost with discount code: Elexana-SLT is $351.50 plus shipping

(Prices subject to change. Please, include shipping.)


Technical specifications

Two line LCD displaying actual levels:
  » Peak exposure levels in V/m
  » Peak hold levels in V/m
  » Average exposure levels in µW/m2

Two lines of LEDS displaying actual levels:
  » Peak exposure levels in V/m
  » Average exposure levels in µW/m2

Measurement range: 200 - 8 000 MHz ±6 dB

Sensitivity (Peak Display): 0.02 V/m - 6.00 V/m

Sensitivity (Average Display): 1 µW/m2 - 100 000 µW/m2

Pulsing signal may be heard through the internal speaker

Power source: 2x AA Alkaline or Rechargeable (1.2 - 1.5V)

Power draw: 105 mA at 3 V

Battery life: 20 hours
  » Typically 15 hours on two new 1500 mAhr AA alkaline cells and
  » Typically 25 hours on two charged 2700 mAhr NIMH rechargeable cells

Size (mm): 190 x 102 x 33 (LxWxD)

Weight: 280g, excluding batteries




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You can get EMF Testing Lessons from us via FaceTime or Skype. Inquire through our contact page.