What is Included in the Elexana EMF Testing and Consulting Service?

  • The electromagnetic fields in your residence and office space are measured and recorded using the world’s best portable hand-held professional certified-calibrated meters, monitors, and analyzers. Our EMF Testing includes clear and impactful health demonstrations, resourceful EMF health education, tips, open Q&A, and much more. We encourage our clients to follow us around and be involved.

  • You’ll receive consulting for remediation and/or mitigation with practical cost-effective solutions. Many improvements to reduce the electromagnetic fields will occur during the testing phase. This is one reason a visit can take so much time. The other is our patience in identifying wire-errors, other source-points, and trouble-shooting. We work patiently with thoroughness and a particular attention to detail while employing the utmost professionalism and care.

  • You’ll receive a remediation sheet with a mitigation products list including a variety of links and discount offers. You’ll receive separate emails with instructions to forward to your electrician, your plumber, your building management, and your local power and telecom companies. You can receive an optional EMF report, upon request.

  • You’ll receive an included complimentary phone consultation to discuss the EMF report and address your questions. We’ll help you with the language needed to successfully communicate with your various service providers. If you forget to ask something, just call us, again, complimentary. We are here to help.

We measure and locate all electromagnetic fields:

    • RF microwaves from cell tower transmitters and radar

    • RF microwaves from smart meters; electric, gas, and water HAN, LAN, NAN, & WAN signals

    • AC Magnetic and Electric Fields from step-down transformers, distribution lines, Transmission lines, sub-stations, and power stations

    • RF microwaves from neighboring WiFi networks and extenders

    • AC Magnetic Fields from stray ground current on utilities, water, electric, and cable services

    • AC Magnetic Fields from building’s electrical wiring errors

    • AC Electric Fields from Romex and Free-Floating Electric Fields

    • Electromagnetic Interference EMI on the electrical lines (Ground and Hot Conductors) and in the air from RF microwaves

    • and, so much more!