Welcome to Elexana’s Virtual EMF Testing Program

Now, you can be anywhere in the world and virtually acquire the skills and knowledge of New York City’s finest EMF consultants.

You can either rent an EMF Tool Kit from us or purchase the necessary tools from our affiliate, have the kit delivered, and then have us guide you, in real-time, on how to:

  • set up and use the meters and tools

  • measure a room

  • test your home

We will then:

  • help you interpret the readings

  • help you troubleshoot any detected issues

  • isolate their causes

  • make a EMF assessment

  • determine a hierarchy of solutions

  • and help you to devise a remediation plan

We will provide you with:

  • Free remediation ideas and tips

  • product links

  • Discount codes for our affiliates, if you and we both think it best to apply any specific EMF mitigation products.

Please, call us for details about this exciting new program.

You don’t have to wonder what your EMF situation is, any more.


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