Know EMF Safety Levels Before Hiring an EMF Expert

First, you should do some research to know what AC Magnetic, AC Electric, and RF levels you would be comfortable living with. Our safety limits are the same as the Building Biology® Institute’s. We are certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists (EMRS). Here are our EMF safety levels.

Make sure that the EMF Company you are reviewing posts the EMF Safety Levels, otherwise known as actionable-levels, by which they uphold.

Wiring error identification is a service that a trained and certified EMRS learns how to provide. It does NOT require an electrical license because it is completely non-invasive. Wall outlet receptacles or electrical panels do not need to be removed to do this work.

Every trained EMRS works with an electrician who will then do the follow-up work. We can train an electrician how to trouble-shoot and identify problems in a mains or a sub panel. Our affiliate licensed electricians continue the process we begin; making your home safe from potential electrical fires and AC Magnetic Fields, created by wiring errors, which can cause multiple health issues. Often, we see that a more efficient electrical system will lower your monthly utility bill.