James J. Finn, MA, D.PSc, EMRS

Executive Director, Senior EMF Consultant


Lifetime Member, Instructor, and Mentor for the Building Biology® Institute (BBI), Santa Fe, New Mexico

Member of the Chamber of Commerce | Manhattan 212 Chamber of Greater New York

Member of the American Society of Photobiology (ASP), Herndon, Virginia

Member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS), Washington, D.C.

Member of the European Bioelectromagnetics Association (EBEA), Zurich, CH

Member of the Pastoral Medical Association (PMA), Dallas, Texas

Certified Building Biologist®

Certified Building Biology® Professional Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™ (EMRS)

Certified OSHA General Industry, Safety, and Health (Cert. #36-702032637)

Certified EMF Health, EMF Center, Santa Rosa, California

Certified, Licensed, and Insured Health & Wellness Coach (Cert. #105-2019072-00) Lloyd's of London

Certified and Licensed Natural Medicine D.PSc, PMA (Lic. #179394253)

Certified HIPAA Compliant (Cert. #148728)

Innovator and Pioneer of the Galileo Protocol™

EMF Consultant to the New York Post

Subcontractor for WSP Corporation

Subcontractor for Louis Berger US, Inc.

Subcontractor for AJK ENVIOFIRE Consulting LLC

Expert Guest on The Super Mike Show (TV), Dr. Michael Evangel host

Expert Guest on the Electricsense Podcast

Expert Guest on The Health Hacker Health Summit

Traditional Chinese Medicine 微观轨道冥想 Wéiguān Guǐdào Míngxiǎng, Qi Gong, Yang Style Tai Chi, Swimming Dragon with Dr. Tzu Kuo Shih, Kingston Healing Arts Center, NY 1982-1986 (Dr. Shih was President of the Chinese Medical Association and Founder of the Beijing Qi Gong Association. He defected to America in 1980.)

M.A. Summa Cum Laude, Music Performance, Queens College, NY

B.A. Summa Cum Laude, Music Composition, Empire State College, NY

North Texas State University, Music Education

Albany State University, Economics/Philosophy

“James Finn, Executive Director of Elexana LLC, is dedicated to providing the highest standard of commercial, industrial, and residential EMF & EMI services in the New York City TriState area. Elexana's reputation for providing world-class service with a unique and creative approach focused on practical cost-effective solutions for client health and wellness has contributed towards achieving international recognition and success.” - A Corporate Sponsor of the Building Biology® Institute

I am a certified & accredited Building Biology® Professional Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™ (EMRS). Providing electromagnetic interference solutions for industrial purposes is very enjoyable, but it’s the residential aspect of this work that brings me the most fulfillment.

When I’ve completed a residential assessment and consultation, there is a gratifying feeling of meaning and accomplishment to have had the opportunity to provide such an impactful service that will ultimately improve my client’s health, going forward.

I know that both Mitch, Ryan, Ray, Monika, and Mayer all experience and feel the same way about this work. EMF Consulting truly brings so much to my life. The rabbi, whom I’ve been training the past 11 months, calls it a Mitzvah. Like all deeds, the provider is often the person who feels the more rewarded.

The Building Biology® Institute EMRS Program is where electrical engineers go to learn how to test and remediate electromagnetic radiation and get EMF certified. With less than 35 women and men having achieved an EMRS Certification, it is considered the most rigorous and comprehensive electromagnetic training and education program in the world.

In the USA:

  • my OSHA training and certification legally permits me to enter industrial job-sites to provide EMF and EMI services

  • my Lloyd’s of London license, certification, and insurance policy permits me to enter residential homes and businesses as an insured professional to measure EMF and recommend remediation and mitigation solutions

  • my D.PSc, PMA Natural Medicine License permits me to legally consult on EMF health issues with clients in both the USA and in 30 countries (Medical Disclaimer as required by US law: I do not diagnose, treat, or claim to cure any disease or illness. I do not sell any device, supplement, or procedure which will diagnose, treat, or cure any disease, illness, or ailment.)

  • my HIPAA compliance certificate helps our clients feel safe sharing both how they feel and recent changes to their health status

  • my 30 years of teaching experience helps me explain the different types of EMF to clients and feel comfortable providing lectures on EMF safety

  • my lifetime as a New Yorker, being the eldest son in an Irish-Italian family of 13 from Brooklyn, and having my own family have all helped me to develop patience and understanding. This is an ongoing process ;)

There is no electrical engineering school or home inspection program that approaches the level and depth of the Building Biology® Institute’s EMRS Program. The coursework includes the latest EMF scientific discoveries and on-going studies, EMF effects on health, the mechanics of electromagnetism, the physics of electromagnetism from the Earth’s DC Magnetic Fields through to all the types of ionizing nuclear radiation and electromagnetic interference. Training includes testing skills and hands-on techniques for using hand-held EMF meters, monitors and analyzers, oscilloscopes, spectroscopes, spectrum analysis, waveform analysis, computerized data-logging with time stamping, remediation techniques, the specifications and shielding capabilities of the latest EMF mitigation materials and their application, the power grid from power plant to your home, home electrical systems, identifying and correcting electrical wiring errors, the latest knowledge on smart meters, testing smart meters for local governments, the 5G network, and more.

In addition to this training, I had already completed the EMF coursework taught by Michael Neuert, mechanical engineer, licensed electrician, and instructor at the EMF Center, Santa Rosa, California. It was initially because of Michael’s kind and generous support that I went into this field of work, professionally. He has also been a generous referral source.

I have also studied and learned from some of the best Electrical Engineers and Master Electricians in America. These include Larry Gust (mentor for my final project and President of the BBI), Spark Burmaster, William Holland, our own gifted and talented Ivan Butkovic, Master Electrician (licensed in NYC,) and our Chief EMF Consultant, Electrical Engineer, and Certified Building Biologist® and EMRS Mitchell Marchand. Mitch, is also an instructor and lecturer for the IBE 312 Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Course. You can read more about Mitch here: Mitch Marchand.

I have successfully conducted more than 1,000 EMF tests and can genuinely say that I love this work and have a passion for being extremely thorough. I have helped more than 200 clients heal their insomnia and other illnesses.

I have been flown to provide EMF consultations from Falmouth, Maine to Miami, Florida. I have consulted with clients from New Zealand and Croatia to Mexico and California, from China and Russia to the Hamptons and Crown Heights. I have provided my services for Montefiore Hospital, Ecosystem Energy, Rybak Development, and more. In addition to my referrals and endorsements from Michael Neuert, I have been referred by Dr. Sharon Goldberg, M.D., Internal Medicine, Rob Metzinger, Electronics Engineering Technologist & Instructor for all EMRS Building Biologists of North America, Lucas Taub, BSCE, MEME project manager for Ecosystem Energy, Curator HCP, Tennant Products, BNI ONE, Manhattan, and many more.

Together, Master Electrician Ivan Butkovic and I founded the New York Electrical Safety Program™. We can go into any building and identify electrical issues that could help prevent an electrical fire.

I have developed an approach that takes EMF testing and remediation work to a higher standard. I named this The Galileo Protocol™. In many ways, people who do EMF consulting are somewhat similar to Galileo. During his time, the majority of people thought the universe was geocentric, meaning it revolved around the Earth. Galileo faced continuous admonition and threats from the Catholic Church because of his heliocentric beliefs.

I don’t consider myself an EMF activist nor do I ever intend on becoming one. There are others who are better suited for the task. I just want to help people reduce their exposure, one by one. EMF activism is important, but so is helping others, who really need help in the present.

During my time providing EMF consulting work I have noticed an extraordinary consistency between certain combinations and intensities of electromagnetic fields and thyroid disease. To my knowledge, I may be the first person in the world to have pointed out this consistency. This finding makes perfect sense since the thyroid gland is the voltage regulator for the body and requires cortisol for normal function. Documenting this consistency in partnership with Sharon Goldberg, MD, is one of my many ambitious goals for 2019.

I am also a full-active voting member of the American Society of Photobiology. ASP is based in Herndon, Virginia. The ASP promotes research in photobiology, integration of various related disciplines, dissemination of knowledge, and provides information on photobiological aspects of national and international issues.

I am also a member of the Bioelectromagnetics Society, BEMS. The Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) was established in 1978 as an independent organization of biological and physical scientists, physicians and engineers interested in the interactions of electromagnetic fields with biological systems. BEMS is an international society with members from approximately 40 different countries and regions around the world. It is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the District of Columbia, USA.

I am also a proud voting member of the European Bioelectromagnetics Association, based in Zurich Switzerland. The EBEA is a non-profit scientific association, founded in December 1989 by scientists from different European countries.

Many have introduced me or referred me as an EMF expert. I am always apprehensive around this term because anyone who thinks that someone can be an EMF expert is not fully aware of the full spectrum of what this implies in our modern world.

The EMF issues that we are struggling with, whether we as a society realize it or not are exceptional and inexorable. It is critical that biological and physical scientists, engineers, physicians, and policy-makers all pool their knowledge and resources towards finding new solutions for how we as a species can continue to evolve technologically and yet find ways to live healthy lives while surrounded by the preponderance of new and developing technologies that go untested for their cumulative health effects.

In my small reality, I feel that if I ever I fancied myself as an EMF expert, then I would have stopped being humble and open myself to becoming vulnerable to stagnation while the field of EMF services evolves. I and my team consider ourselves a vital part of this evolution. I would expect that even Albert Einstein would not have thought of himself as an EMF expert, and he discovered electromagnetism!

This is because the more one learns about electromagnetism, the more questions come to the surface. The workings of the universe and how electromagnetism fits into this equation present us with more questions than answers, with more new vistas and virgin realms to explore.

Yes, there is always something new to learn; one on the many reasons I love this field. Keys to being vital have been to continually develop and expand my knowledge-base, seeking out people who know much more about something very specific that I don’t, and to respect the questioning mind; to pursue the deeper questions.

There is always a new book to read, a new course to take, a new area to explore, a new and unique experience to fathom. The unknown is certainly much larger than the known. The deeper questions seem to spring from the infinite that is this unknown running parallel to our every moment.

Electromagnetism is a vast and challenging phenomenon for any one person to think they have all the answers. For this reason, Elexana is constantly expanding its resources and knowledge base, accepting new and challenging opportunities, and engaged in ongoing review of every aspect of our process.

You can have full confidence that my team and I will be as thorough as is possible and provide the best service achievable for you and your family.