How Long Does a Residential EMF Testing and Consultation Take?  

Please, plan on at least 3 hours for a 1 bedroom apartment and 4-5 hours for a house. We regularly formulate methods to streamline the time of a visit, but we can’t rush being thorough and comprehensive.

Although we can estimate how long a visit will generally take, our need to be completely thorough is why we don’t charge an hourly rate.

One quality of our service that separates us from everyone else is the time and patience we take to answer all questions. A visit is much more than measuring, locating and identifying EMF source-points, and providing solutions. Most visits have an aspect of being an EMF seminar that includes demonstrations, knowledge sharing, and EMF health & safety information. You will see and learn things that you can share with your family, generations going forward.

For the past eight months, I, James Finn, have had the privilege of training an orthodox rabbi who feels called to bring EMF services to his community. We recently brought service for a new client’s small one bedroom apartment, in Brooklyn. She has been struggling with a cancer diagnosis and wanted to do everything possible to help ensure her recovery. Our visit lasted a seemingly quick 5 hours. We measured and located a multitude of EMF issues that were at extreme levels and provided solutions. Throughout the testing session, we patiently answered all of her and her husband’s questions. At the conclusion of our visit, they had a clear plan and finally felt some peace.

We left their home feeling that this was a mitzvah. It was we who had been blessed with the opportunity to provide this priceless service.

We show how specific bandwidths of the EMF spectrum could be the possible cause of your symptoms, and we spend time and care to remediate these associated fields to help alleviate or mitigate your symptoms. We believe that if doctors learned and understood the fundamentals of quantum biology, that preventative care would be much more effective and those unfortunate who are ill would then have a much better chance for a speedy recovery.