Google Ads: a Tool for Fake EMF Products and Grifter EMF Testing Companies

Google Ads will let anyone use their service, who is willing to pay, without vetting the veracity or truthfulness of the advertisers’ claims. Because of this, you can’t trust EMF products or EMF companies who use Google Ads.

The EMF industry is infested with scam artists selling all kinds of nonsense; promoting themselves with Google Ads, Yahoo Ads, FaceBook Ads, YouTube Ads, etc. Often, we will have a client show us their shopping bags filled with expensive “EMF paper-weights” that do absolutely nothing to mitigate EMF. Some products will even worsen the EMF environment and make you ill!

There are “EMF Experts” and “EMF Specialists” advertising with Google Ads claiming to be state licensed for EMF Testing knowing that there are no such entities as EMF Testing state licenses. These deceitful people prey on those who don’t do their homework prior to hiring an EMF Testing Company.

Some EMF grifters even make wild claims such that they are Medical Experts, EMF Engineers, and court certified EMF Experts or EMF Specialists. (Is this a Kangaroo Court?)

Have these grifters send PDF copies of their invented documents via email and forward them to us, so that our law firm can present them to the proper authorities.

These grifters need to find legitimate work. Here’s an idea: There’s a guy in Times Square who will tell you a lie about yourself if you pay him a dollar. Another one will yell at you for a dollar. Get him to yell, “Bona Fides!”

Be careful.

Hire an EMRS, only.