Why limit yourself to gluten-free foods?

...when you can have Gluten-Freedom™

To just avoid gluten and do nothing else about it, if you have an intolerance, is a passive and short-sighted solution we don't recommend. The reason for having an intolerance is a prescient warning sign that something is developing other than the obviously vague "digestive issue." Just because so many suffer from gluten-intolerance doesn't make it normal or status quo. (The same goes for hypothyroidism II.)

A Chinese doctor would use the term "weakness." These weaknesses or undying issues could be signs of ensuing thyroid, pancreas, and/or gall bladder problems. Ask your medical doctor about this. If he or she looks up at you like a deer in headlights and replies, "Huh?", then you may want to shop for a new GP.

We hear so much about gluten-intolerance. Gluten, in moderate amounts, is actually good for us. It's the protein found in carbohydrates. The hydrochloric (HCL) acid in our stomachs breaks gluten down to form helpful amino acids. If we don't have enough HCL to break down all of the gluten we just ate, then the undigested gluten continues on to the intestines where it's perceived as a foreign protein to the body. The intestine then creates antigens to attack this perceived foreign protein and it all goes downhill from there, literally.

So, if you eat a box of cookies or half a pizza and fall asleep 4o minutes later, then this is most likely from your body spending too much energy dealing with this cascade of reactions. In general, falling asleep after a meal is usually a warning sign that you ate too much of something that is taxing your digestive system.

Yes, a gluten intolerance can be corrected. It's simply caused by not having enough hydrochloric acid to digest all the carbs you've eaten...so, you are either eating too much of a volume of carbs for the amount of HCL acid in your stomach or just you don't have enough HCL acid, to begin with. (The latter situation is common to many taking a PPI blocker such as Nexium or Prevacid. It's because one is making an almost zero amount of HCL acid. A PPI blocker - Proton Pump Inhibitor - prevents the gut mucosa from forming H+, hydrogen ions. Therefore, there's no "H" in HCL.

Other than being stuck to only eating gluten-free foods, the solution is rather straight-forward. Eat fewer carbs and/or give the body what it needs to produce more HCL acid. If you think you're becoming gluten-intolerant, then in the short-term, you could take betaine purchased from the health food store before you eat carbs or you can help the body heal this issue...an even better choice! We can help.



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