A Local EMF Scam in NJ PA NY CT Uncovered

Claiming to be a state licensed or court certified EMF Expert, EMF Specialist, or EMF Medical Expert is dishonest and illegal.

The only accredited certification for EMF Testing in North America is the Building Biology® EMRS (Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™.) Anything else is questionable, at best.

There is a grifter, based in New Jersey, who is scamming those who don’t take the time to hire an EMRS. He has 5 websites advertising EMF Expert court certified and state licensed. He uses Google Ads to appear legitimate. He spends all day trying to get to the top of the search engines.

Here is his cynical little scam:

  • He charges you a boat-load of money and insists on cash! This way, the money-trail can’t be traced back to him. (Two years ago, he charged a woman with EHS, living in Monsey, NJ, $850 for a 45 minute assessment. There were no wiring error diagnoses, no stray current checks, no body voltage, no electromagnetic interference tests, and no electric field measurements! She had a large 3 bedroom house. A certified EMRS EMF assessment would have taken nearly 3 hours.)

  • He shows up with an amateur gaussmeter and an amateur RF meter.

  • He is in an out in no time.

  • He tells the client that a copy of his license will be in the report.

  • He tells you all the EMF levels are fine. (Since the US government, in essence, has NO safety limits for electromagnetism, he’s legally correct.)

  • He sends you the same stock report he uses for everyone. He doesn’t include the state licenses for EMF Testing because there are no state licenses or court certifications for EMF testing. This is because no one has one. They don’t exist.

    If you have EHS and tell him you feel really awful in a certain location in your home, he will tell you to “just get some distance” and “the EHS is all in your head.” This rudeness was reported by this same caller from Monsey, NJ. She asked me point-blank, “Is EMF testing a scam?”…I followed up with this caller a couple weeks later. She was ill and had been hospitalized.

  • He then goes to his computer, attacks any legit EMF testing company doing the real EMF work saying they don’t have electrical licenses.

This grifter is leaving a wake of suffering and pain and needs to stop doing EMF testing. I tried to convince him to get trained and certified by the Building Biology Institute. Instead, he would rather continue to attack me, my company and the institute from his psycho website, and continue on with his little scam. Ugh!

* Insist that this man email you a PDF of his fantasy documents and forward these creative works to us so that we can have our law firm take the necessary actions to have him indicted.

If your “EMF Expert” uses the words “Bona Fides,” then know that this is the grifter mentioned here. Take his photo and photograph his driver’s license, with your phone.

bo·na fi·des

/ˌbōnə ˈfīdēz,ˌbōnə ˈfēdāz,ˈbōnə ˌfīdz,ˈbänə ˌfīdz/


  1. a person's honesty and sincerity of intention.

    "he went to great lengths to establish his EMF Testing bona fides"


      documentary evidence showing a person's legitimacy; EMF credentials.

      plural noun: bona fides; plural noun: bonafides

      "are you satisfied with my EMF Testing Expert and Medical Expert bona fides?"