Do I Need an EMF Testing for My Home and Office?

According to the International Institute of Building Biology® and Ecology, everyone could most likely afford to reduce their exposure to the electromagnetic fields in their home and workplace environments. Once the remediation is completed, it has been our experience that clients can feel the improvement. They usually say they feel calmer or everything feels a little more peaceful. Usually, they will notice the difference immediately.

  • Professional Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists (EMRS) will spend considerable time testing and remediating in sleeping areas; to help improve sleep function. Because melatonin is the body’s most powerful auto-immune hormone and also the neurotransmitter that signals us to grow new cells, sleeping deeply is critical to health and wellness.

  • At Elexana, we will will show you the optimal places to situate your beds, favorite chairs, couches, kitchen tables, desks, and lamps, etc. We will provide fundamental remediation during the consultation; reducing your exposure the EMR (electromagnetic radiation) not only in the sleeping areas, but also and your workstation and leisure areas, too.

  • We will share invaluable information, not found online, to reduce your exposure; we call it “street smarts,” while you’re out and about in NYC.

  • We will help you to get a good grasp of the science needed to keep your family safe, for generations to come.

The bold and brilliant neurosurgeon Jack Kruse, M.D., has a catchy saying: ”If you don’t take control of your EMF, your EMF will take control of you!”

(This statement is a little intense, but our experience has proven this is true.)

 Here is a list compiled by the Bio-Initiative Report of 2019, of common illnesses that have been associated with prolonged exposure to strong electromagnetic fields. If you suffer from any of the following listed symptoms, then it would be prudent to cover all of the bases and remediate your EMF exposure.

Insomnia, immune disorder, GERD, leukemia, lymphoma, brain and nervous system tumors, acoustic neuroma, melanoma, breast cancer, breast cancer medications rendered ineffective, neurological disorders, autism, fatigue, dry eyes, compromised blood-brain barrier, leaky gut syndrome, acid reflux, tinnitus, an uncomfortable feeling of heat or pressure inside the head, migraine headaches, low sperm count, low sperm motility, infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, chromosome breaks, suppression of DNA mechanisms, DNA mutation, mitochondrial damage, sensitivity to noise, damaged placenta, burning skin sensations, short-term memory loss, confusion, concentration problems, brain fog, brain damage, nausea, vertigo, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, high triglyceride levels, heart arrhythmia, ADD, ADHD, learning disorders, depression, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal failure, unexplained rashes, muscle weakness, muscle pain, inhibited calcium ion mobility, premature cataracts, weakened intestinal lining, weakened placenta, mood swings, irritability, slow reflexes, weak immunity.