What is EMF Testing?

Here are some of the tools required for professional EMF Testing.

Here are some of the tools required for professional EMF Testing.

An EMF Testing, also called an EMF Measurement Survey, is a non-invasive assessment of the electromagnetic fields present within a residential or commercial property. It involves a systematic method of measuring and recording non-ionic radiation emanating from the Earth and various human-made technologies. Measurements are monitored and recorded during a relatively brief moment in time or data-logged over a longer designated period.

An EMF survey is an assessment of the defining characteristics of each electromagnetic field on a property and should include the:

  • frequency bandwidth within the electromagnetic spectrum. This helps determine attributable effects, aspects, and applications.

  • size dimensions.

  • shape. Rarely is an EMF field in the shape of a box.

  • strength; determined by the relative power density divided by the distance from the source-point. Strength of a field is measured, in a unit appropriate to the particular field, in either watts per square meter, voltage per cubic meter, or flux density in nanoTeslas or milliGauss

  • action; determination of the field’s movement or lack thereof.

  • quality; is the field unadulterated or is it coupled with other electromagnetic fields from either the same or different source-points. (Assess each of the coupling fields.)

  • identification of the source-point(s) of each particular EMF field.

A typical EMF testing will include an assessment of:

  • The AC Magnetic Fields associated with the electrical systems, appliances, and electronic devices within and surrounding a residence or commercial space.

  • The corresponding AC Electric Fields of the 60 Hertz electricity we all use in North America. (50 Hz in Europe.)

  • The Skin-Body Voltage in the sleeping areas and computer stations.

  • The RF (radio frequency fields) also known as High-Frequency Wireless Communication and Information Microwave Signals. Omnidirectional measurements and Directional (source-point logarithmic periodic) assessments are standard practice.

  • The DC Magnetic Fields which can cause Geopathic Stress.

  • The Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) commonly called “dirty electricity” which is the coupling of RF onto the electrical wiring and emitted electric fields. These harmonic transients are a special concern when coupled onto a client’s epidermis. We measure the EMI frequencies on the phase and ground conductors, in the air, and on the skin. (Most EMF Technicians mistakenly measure this on the hot conductor of the wall outlet receptacle with a broadband EMI plug-in meter, only.)

What is the Purpose of an EMF Measurement Survey?

  • Assess a property for the health and safety of its occupants

  • Assess a property for the purpose of designing shielding or other mitigation solutions

  • Assess a building or new construction for the potential of geopathic structural damage

  • Help educate the client and answer all EMF related questions in layman’s terminology


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