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  • EMF testing, data analysis, and all mitigation services. We test the full spectrum of EMF using the most accurate professional equipment with only the highest scientific and technical standards for data collection and analysis.  
  • Testing your new prospective, new house, apartment, automobile, tools, and appliances 
  • Testing computers and IT rooms
  • Testing plumbing, heating, and water systems to ensure that they are electrically grounded to OSHA regulation (included with EMF home testing)
  • Testing for all AC current wiring issues in the home or office. The New York Electrical Safety Program: In nearly half the homes and businesses we test for EMF, we encounter wiring errors inside the walls. We have evolved to become experts at finding these wiring errors, damaged wires, incorrectly wired junction boxes, and circuit breaker box issues. These are not only potential fire hazards (48% of all fires in America are caused by these issues) but, a great source of strong electromagnetic fields in the home. We now offer to test the AC wiring safety in your home or office. If we find a problem, then we will send over New York City's finest master electricians at Einstein Electric Corporation to resolve your issues. (This service is included in the EMF testing.)
  • Our Air Quality Testing Service is complementary to your EMF Testing. We can also provide the Air Quality testing as a primary service.
  • Provide Clinical Pre-Diagnostic Data Prep - working with Medical Doctors offering pre-diagnostic tools and data.
  • Provide Architecture Advisement and Consultation - working with architects to provide electromagnetic field exposure assessment and reduction paradigms
  • We provide and install RF Clear Film to the windows in your home or office.
  • We provide and install custom drapery and curtains with an RF shielding fabric.
  • We provide a team to convert your bedroom into an RF shielding faraday cage.
  • We install remote outlet switches to power-down various quadrants in your home.


National and International Services





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