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Certified Building Biology® Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists, EMRS

Electrical Engineers from the Nuclear, Power, Oil & Gas Industries

OSHA Certified & HIPAA Compliant

Insured by Lloyd’s of London

EMF Consultants to:

WSP Global Corporation

The New York Post

Metro Housing Corporation

Healthy Home Builders

Horizon Robotics

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  • advanced analysis with innovative solutions

  • complete electromagnetic spectrum screening for personal health and medical equipment function

  • electrical system safety inspections for NEC, OSHA, and NYC code compliance

  • electronic workstation testing for your health and computer performance optimization

  • electromagnetic interference (EMI) attenuation to improve both health and electronic performance

  • a liaise between your doctor, engineer, electrician, architect, contractor, and plumber

  • HIPAA Compliance, en confidence

  • Certificates of Insurance upon request, Lloyd’s of London Insured


  • Third-Party Peer Review Analysis Reports for municipalities and local governments

  • compassion and understanding of EHS (Electro-hypersensitivity, also called EMF Sensitivity) with support groups

  • EMF Science and EMF Safety Lectures for schools and businesses

  • architectural EMF remediation and mitigation

  • remote and virtual EMF consultations


With ELEXANA, you will always receive a thorough, patient, world-class advanced assessment by knowledgeable, experienced, and proven Building Biology® Certified Professional Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists™.

With your residential consultation, you will also receive:

  • important remediation work during our visit

  • practical and proven cost-effective solutions

  • demonstrations which provide a practical education

  • important information on EMF Health & Safety

  • an EMF Solutions Page with product links to our affiliate partners

  • guided consultations with E-introductions to our affiliate contractors with fix instructions in the appropriate terminology

  • guidance throughout the entire remediation process until it is completed

  • EMF remediation strategies you can use wherever you go

  • EMF health insights that will stay with you and your family for generations to come.

    Thank you, for your interest in our services. We look forward to serving you.

    James Finn, Executive Director / Registered Building Biologist® / Senior Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist EMRS, MA, D.PSc

Note: To avoid a conflict of interest and to ensure that we are advocating especially for you, we have a policy to not sell EMF shielding products or provide mitigation contracting services. Instead, we provide shielding design and refer you to reputable suppliers. Also, we consult with your contracting company, architect, or licensed electrician for more complex remediation. We are here to help you through all of the complexities of EMF solutions.

National Industrial EMF & EMI Testing & Consulting Services

serving firms, hospitals, corporations, schools, institutions, and industries

Elexana also provides on-site solutions for electromagnetic interference, EMI, that can cause malfunction to electronic devices, computers, and medical equipment.

All EMF Testing, EMF Surveys, and EMF Assessments are conducted using certified-calibrated professional meters, monitors, and analyzers.

“Thoroughness, Precision, Innovation.”


Residential EMF Assessment & Consulting Services

New York City, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Dutchess, Long Island, New Jersey, Connecticut

We aim to bring you peace of mind and improved health & wellness.

Licensed Electricians

(Non-Commission Strategic Partners)

New York City

Einstein Electrical Corporation

Westchester and Putnam Counties

County Electric


A home EMF testing should include an assessment of

  • the AC Magnetic Non-Ionizing Radiation emitted by outdoor power lines, the home’s electrical system, appliances, electronic devices, and medical equipment.

  • the corresponding AC Electric Field Non-Ionizing Radiation. In North America, we use 60 Hertz as the frequency for our electricity, 50 Hz in Europe.

  • the stray current entering the home via utilities and municipal services.

  • the Epidermal Average-Voltage in the sleeping areas, workstations, and gaming areas.

  • the RF (Radio Frequency Fields) or High-Frequency Wireless Communication and Information Microwave Radiation Signals. Omnidirectional measurements and Directional (source-point logarithmic periodic) assessments are standard practice.

  • the DC Magnetic Field Non-Ionizing Radiation which can cause Geopathic Stress on people and the cement foundation of a home.

  • the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) commonly called “dirty electricity” which is the coupling of RF onto any electrical wiring and the emitted electric and magnetic fields. These harmonic transients (A.K.A. SNR - signal to noise ratio) are a special concern when coupled onto a client’s epidermis.

  • the EMI frequencies and power densities on the phase and ground conductors, in the air, and on the skin. (Most EMF Technicians mistakenly measure EMI on the hot (phase) conductor of the wall outlet receptacle, only.)

Mitch, Ryan, Jim, Monika, and Ray are Building Biologists® Institute Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists™ EMRS

  • The Building Biology® Institute is a registered CEU provider of continuing education.

  • The BBI offers the only accredited EMF training program in the United States and Canada.

  • The BBI is where Electrical Engineers go to learn about testing electromagnetic fields and to get certified.

  • Fewer than 35 persons in the USA and Canada can claim the distinction of being Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists™ (EMRS.)

  • The EMRS certification is the most coveted and prestigious accreditation for EMF Testing and Consulting Services in the world.

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