The simplest test to determine if you are possibly EMF Sensitive is to put a powered-ON cell phone to your ear. If after a short while you begin to feel discomfort, then you are EMF Sensitive. Another is to observe whether or not you get an uncomfortable pressure in your head or on your body when you are nearby WiFi, cell phones or a cell tower, then you are again most likely sensitive. A third is if you feel good when you are away from home and then begin to feel physical discomfort while being at home, then you are possibly EMF Sensitive and should immediately contact us for home EMF testing.

Our proprietary EMF Sensitivity Testing measures your sensitivity based on a percentile scoring from a series of tests. Test baseline scores are based on reports from hundreds of people who have described themselves as being EMF sensitive. Experiencing overt physical symptoms to electromagnetic fields (such as pressure on the head, skin tingling or heat sensations, headaches, confusion, brain fog, vertigo, irritability, and more) is a much more common occurrence than many realize.

Oftentimes, one spouse we see a person will have EMF sensitivity and their spouse will start to wonder if their partner is losing their mind. This can be a lonely experience which we hope our unbiased scientifically designed sensitivity test will help to alleviate. Read: EMF Sensitivity

By taking the EMF Sensitivity Testing, you can be assured that your mental faculties are still intact, or in a very few instances; not. We don't judge, we just simply tally the numbers of the testings and confidentially report back to you and you only. This is HIPAA Law.

This testing includes live digital readings of your: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate BPM, Pulse Oximetry Blood to Oxygen Level (SpO2), Second HR BPM, Basal Forehead Temperature, and also includes our proprietary 100+ question EMF Epidemiological Survey Questionnaire.

*If you are not able to be physically tested by us, then you may submit your most recent doctor's physical exam numbers and take our EMF Epidemiological Survey Questionnaire.

You will receive the results within 24 hours. All results are strictly confidential. HIPPA Law. (We are HIPAA Compliant #148728)

**The EMF Sensitivity Testing is very helpful, but not necessary for you to begin the EMF Sensitivity Program. This decision is strictly up to you.

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For pricing, click the dove. Thank you.