LessEMF Affiliation


To facilitate our DIY clients' ease in finding various EMF remediation products, we've become affiliates with LessEMF, an international retailer of EMF products based in Latham, New York. All prices listed below are the same as LessEMF's retail prices. When you click to BUY NOW, you are purchasing from LessEMF. Products are shipped from their warehouse. (New Yorkers pay NYS sales tax, shipping applies.)

Please Note: This affiliation is not an endorsement of every product LessEMF sells, but for those products which we have listed, only.

Please note:

we do NOT approve or condone the use of grounding pads, grounding plugs to a wall outlet, Grounding sleep canopies to a wall outlet, RF shielding clothing, RF shielding stones; jewelry, or pendants, RF shielding gadgets, anything that sends out an RF blocking signal or energy, Phone cases, phone stick-ons, or amateur EMF meters. Save your hard-earned money.

laptop rad 3.jpg


Magnetic Shielding for Your Laptop Keyboard Base

This will block some of the AC Magnetic Field emitted from the laptop, but getting distance will have the same effect. This is why I almost always recommend using a separate wired keyboard and mouse.

Laptop computers have high EMF emissions because the entire computer is at your fingertips. WrapTop slips easily under the base of the laptop and wraps around the front and top to reduce magnetic field emissions in the direction of your body. Reduces the field by 90%! Sides are left open so you can plug in a remote keyboard and mouse for access. Simple but effective design incorporates two different magnetic shielding alloys. Measures 15 inches wide x 9 inches front to back so it fits most laptops. Just slip it on. No tools nor assembly required.

Don’t accept that there has to be magnetic field irradiation from your laptop!

WrapTop® (Cat. #A735) .................... $69.95



Reduces Electric Fields From Live Wires

We now recommend this product only if you can ground it to the Earth and not you wall outlet ground.

Composed of electrically conductive black polyethylene and great for shielding electrical cords. It's easy to slide any electrical cord (even fits those giant dryer plugs!) through this 4" wide (when flat) sleeve without having to remove the plug from the end of the cord. Surface resistivity <1000 ohms/square. Only 4 mil thick, it won't hold up to tearing, heat or abuse, but it's tough enough to do a great job on the lamp cord by your bed, the air conditioner cord, or even cables in your car. Use a grounding cable, and please be careful when handling electrical cords. Specify desired length.
Conductive Tubing ....retail: $1.15 /lin ft

extension cord.jpg


Shielded for Both Electric and Magnetic Fields

These are no ordinary extension cords. The North American style extension cords are made with 100% MuCord™for superior electric and magnetic shielding. Field emission is dramatically reduced compared to ordinary extension cords. Use them with your computer equipment, lighting, small appliances, power tools, and so on. Great way to move Stetzer (Dirty Electricity) filters away from where the people are. You can link several together to get a longer length. If you have power cords anywhere near your bed, workstation, couch or other main living area, run this extension cord instead… to reduce EMF to nearly zero!

- Indoor use only
- NEMA 5-15 plug and socket (3-prong, grounded)
- Plug and socket color/style may vary from image
- Up to 8 Amp, 120V

Extension Cord, Shielded:

- 6 foot long ............................................. $33.40

- 12 foot long ........................................... $42.90