EMI Testing Your Computer Workstation

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EMI Testing Your Computer Workstation


Did you ever have a computer program suddenly slow or completely malfunction even though there is adequate RAM, the internet connection is good, and the computer hardware is apparently fine? You may not need a new computer system.

Did you ever wonder why you are asked to turn off cell phones in certain hospital wings or at certain times during your airplane flight?

This is because radio frequencies can cause the electronics in computers and electronics to malfunction due to electromagnetic interference, or EMI.

EMI can also be caused by Extremely Low Frequency Radiation, ELF, created by faulty wiring or wiring errors on your AC (alternating current) home or office wiring. 

We at ELEXANA can detect all of these causes and fix these problems. We test the EMI (electromagnetic interference) levels in computer stations, the surrounding radio frequency levels, and pin-point any wiring issues in the walls. Resolving these issues promotes smoother functioning of computer programs and users' health.

This testing is naturally included within the home and office EMF Testing package, or you can just purchase this package for your own particular workstation.

 We can also provide and apply EMI filtering and various other methods for mitigation. Filters not included.

We take pride in our thoroughness, our attention to detail, and our adherence to the scientific process.

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