Digestive Revitalize - End Your Acid Reflux Disease


Digestive Revitalize - End Your Acid Reflux Disease


This is a 60-day program that provides a real healing solution for GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease), also known as acid reflux disease. This fee includes all the emailed protocols, nutritional information, and lists you will need. It also includes up to 300 minutes of phone consultation to guide and assist you with any questions or details you will need. 

The Digestive Revitalize program requires a daily commitment with special dietary requirements and restrictions. Dozens have already completely healed their digestive issues. Every person who initiated was healed!

This course does not supply any necessary nutritional foods or supplements. A contract is required to initiate.

This is why our program is the better choice, the only choice...

The best that your doctor can offer for this disease is a PPI blocker (proton pump inhibitor) which impedes the production of hydrochloric acid (HCL.) If you read the label for these drugs you will notice that they direct you to only taking these drugs for 30 days, Yet, your doctor has probably been renewing your prescription over and over again. 

HCL is integral for maintaining a proper balance of gut microbiota (friendly bacteria) and bad bacteria. HCL helps to eliminate parasites in the digestive system. When HCL enters the intestines it signals the liver to produce bile which it dumps into the gall bladder and in turn, releases into the digestive system. Bile is necessary for breaking down and absorbing fats. HCL also breaks down proteins to produce essential amino acids necessary for proper cell growth and regeneration. HCL signals the pancreas to produce gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which is necessary for brain function. HCL, we can't live without it!

One big difference between us and all the others is that we know how to get the body to produce hydrochloric acid again. You will be back to your youthful self in no time.

If you have a hiatal hernia, we can correct this without the need for surgery, gently and naturally.

  Using only Earth's natural resources, our program resets the bacterial balance in the gut and restores friendly bacterial strains that were destroyed, eliminates all parasites, cleanses the colon, restores the gastric mucosa and the production of HCL back to normal function.  From day one of the program, you will be off the PPI blockers and will never have to look back again! In 60 days you will moving full speed ahead, the liver will be completely renewed and detoxified, the gut is regenerated and functioning like-new, and you look and feel younger.

Please, phone 212.706.1252 to speak with our receptionist for an intake interview. 

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