Introducing The EMF Freedom Program for Everyone Suffering From EHS/ EMF Sensitivity

Here is a program that will help all those suffering from EHS/EMF Sensitivity and their spouses who are caught in the middle.

The EMF Freedom Program

“Finally, both you and your spouse no longer have to be driving each other crazy with your EMF sensitivity issue. You no longer have to feel isolated and alone. You no longer have to find yourself in a hopeless situation.”

If you are interested in the EMF Freedom Program, it doesn’t matter where you live. Our groups meet by phone, we use first names only, and information is kept within strict HIPAA Law compliance.

Please, let us know if you would like to join us for 50 minutes, each week. We have a few groups so, please, give us your best available times on Mondays and Fridays, and we will try to find a group for you.

We have groups for those with EHS and groups for their spouses who don’t have EHS.

We will cover a variety of topics around EHS. Everyone gets to contribute, is accepted, valued, and respected.

We will only focus on solutions and not get into politics, activism, or tangential issues.

Yes. I think I will fit right in

When I first realized it was electromagnetism that was triggering a whole host of health issues, I struggled for answers. “Why and how did this happen? Was EMF the cause for my insomnia, clenching and grinding my teeth while sleeping, why I would stop breathing while sleeping (if the doctors said it wasn’t sleep apnea), acid reflux, energy loss, fatigue, occasional vertigo, headaches, brain fog, short-term memory loss, the heat sensations on my skin, the tingling, the muscle twitching, the intermittent melancholia?”

I discovered EMF toxicity symptoms while searching search for answers to help heal myself; since after a dozen years, it was clear that my doctors didn’t have a clue. Like the comedian-doctor DK Jeong, “Sorry, you’re doggie no make it,” perhaps they all should have gone into comedy instead of medicine?

It was difficult to near impossible to take any form of mass transportation (airplanes, trains, subways), ride in a hybrid taxi, ride in the front seat of specific models of vehicles, sit in business meetings, go to concerts, eat in crowded restaurants, and walk down streets with Con-Ed manhole covers or cell tower transmitters. (Should I have called them human-hole covers?)

I would strategically map out my route to wherever I need to walk or ride a City Bike.

Oddly enough, there was one place I always slept like a baby; my in-laws home in rural Pennsylvania. I purchased a basic ON-OFF Radio Frequency Meter and brought it with me. The morning after another great sleep, I took out the meter, flipped it ON, and to my astonishment…the light was in the GREEN for the first time!

This realization triggered a host of emotions. It triggered the 5 Stages of Grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

This new awareness also prompted a whole new thread to follow or rabbit whole to go down. Today, I’m finally healthy; healed of everything. I can go anywhere via any form of transportation, order whatever I want in any crowded restaurant, go to any meeting or event, and enjoy my life!

Years later, I’m finally considered an EMF expert by the International Institute of Building Biology® & Ecology, The Bioelectromagnetics Society, the European Bioelectromagnetics Association, and the American Society of Photobiology, and by my professional peers.

I am a certified Building Biology® EMRS (Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist™), a licensed natural medicine practitioner in 30 countries, and owner of Elexana LLC, a topflight EMF Services Company.

What’s next? I am hosting collaborative groups for those who have EHS and their spouses who don’t. Yes, it’s about time.

Become empowered.