Senate Bill 637: 5G and Heart Disease, Diabetes, Suicide, & Depression

This video is of ELEXANA’s friend and colleague, Dr. Sharon Goldberg M.D. Internal Medicine, testifying before the Michigan State Senate as a medical expert on the health effects of Electromagnetic Radiation from wireless technologies, the upcoming 5G Internet of Things, and more.

She speaks of EMF being a scientifically proven and peer-reviewed causative factor for diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, depression, suicide, violence, and more. At ELEXANA, we have also seen these consistencies in real life when we have consulted for clients.

I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Sharon in Santa Fe, New Mexico, in April, to discuss a research collaboration on the consistencies between EMF and thyroid disease which I pointed out to her and a handful of other physicians around the country, these past few years.

I’m also predicting a rate-jump in melanoma, eye cancers, premature cataracts, tumorous cancers, blood diseases, myocardial infarctions, depression, and infertility. Ugh.

Here is Dr. Sharon Goldberg discussing Senate Bill 637.