ELEXANA Founder's Story - James Finn: Health and Wellness Pioneer

 James Finn (photo by Deutsch Photography, 2017)

James Finn (photo by Deutsch Photography, 2017)

  - by Murray Stevens, Independent Writer, April 7, 2018 


Back in 2001, James Finn (founder) was diagnosed with Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Crohn's Disease, Chronic Insomnia, and Squamous Cell Carcinoma. In 2008, his health further deteriorated. He was also diagnosed with Adrenal Failure and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. His General Practioner confirmed that these diseases began presenting in the early 1990's.

After more than a decade of suffering from illness, Jim's doctors had proven themselves unsuccessful in solving any single one of his health issues. As a last resort, Jim put the full responsibility for getting well onto his own shoulders.

Jim said, "A few of my childhood friends had become doctors and I was just as smart as they were, so why couldn't I learn what they had learned, and more?" He feels that his ability to understand the artistic process along with his boundless capacity for creativity and insightfulness was and still is a keen advantage.

Applying his confident self-discipline and self-learning abilities, he acquired from years of being a jazz and classical musician, Jim studied anatomy; cellular biology, biochemistry, nutrition, and the effects of environmental toxicities.  It is with the latter that he discovered the vast and little-discussed health consequences caused by electromagnetic fields. 

Eventually, Jim cured all of his illnesses becoming completely healed. He continued EMF Testing and solving a myriad of health issues for family, neighbors, and friends. He enjoyed making a real difference by directly improving lives. With coaxing from his wife, he decided to offer his services to the general public.

EMF Consultants was the first and only New York City-based company to test, analyze, and implement multi-tiered solutions for reducing electromagnetic field radiation.

As Jim continued helping clients his success and reputation grew. He eventually formed ELEXANA as an extension of EMF Consultants, which now operates within ELEXANA LLC. 

ELEXANA is essentially from the Latin words for Electron and Health or Cure. It is by addressing this aspect of the body's function that Jim credits his success with helping cure the common diseases ELEXANA has been credited. His journey since studying with Chinese Doctor Shih in the 1980's has come full circle with a whole new twist. 

He is part of a growing number of practitioners who believe that modern medicine is looking in the wrong direction for curing cancer and other fatal illnesses. Rather than focusing on a chemical cure for everything, scientists need to spend more time looking at the effects of a reversal of cellular polarity, obstruction of calcium ion signaling and motility caused by electromagnetism and other cell stressors, and the ill-health effects of electromagnetic interference (EMI), strong EMF, and fluoride on the thyroid; the electrical regulator for the entire body.