Introducing The ELEXANA EMF Sensitivity Testing

Do you often feel an unexplainable pressure inside your skull, tingling or heat sensations on your skin, unexplainable rashes, sudden heart palpitations, insomnia, or constant fatigue? These symptoms, and many more, could result from of entering a strong electromagnetic field. People who can physical sense these fields or experience discomfort are generally diagnosed with having EHS (Electro-Hypersensitivity) or, as we prefer: EMF Sensitivity.

EMF (electromagnetic field radiation) is created by WiFi routers, cell phones, cell tower transmitters, power lines, hybrid cars, and much more. Persons with EMF Sensitivity are estimated to comprise 3-5% of the population. We see this number increasing due to both the growing awareness of EMF health effects and the constant addition of new wireless technologies. 

Our proprietary EMF Sensitivity Testing scales your sensitivity based on a percentile scoring from a series of our tests. No two people present the exact same level of sensitivity and often, sensitive people can sense the same field in different ways.  

Test baseline scores are based on reports from hundreds of people who have described themselves as being EMF sensitive. Experiencing overt physical symptoms to electromagnetic fields (such as: pressure on the head, skin tingling or heating, headaches, brain fog, vertigo, irritability, and more) is a much more common occurrence than many realize. Oftentimes, one spouse has the sensitivity and the other will start to wonder if their partner is losing their mind. Read: EMF Sensitivity

With our scientifically designed EMF Sensitivity Testing, you can be assured that your mental faculties are still intact, or in a very few instances; not. We don't judge, just simply tally the numbers of the testings and confidentially report back to you and you only.

This testing includes live digital readings of your: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate BPM, Pulse Oximetry Blood to Oxygen Level (SpO2), Second HR BPM, Basal Forehead Temperature, and also includes our proprietary 100+ question EMF Epidemiological Survey Questionnaire.

You will receive the results within 24 hours. All results are strictly confidential. HIPPA Law.

This testing is very helpful, but not necessary, to begin the EMF Sensitivity Program. To take the test, go here: EMF Sensitivity Testing

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