We Are Now Affiliates With Austin Air Purifiers


...we were testing for EMF (electromagnetic fields.) I would occasionally notice that an ill client would have the most stuffy air in his/her apartment. Occasionally, I would even smell some strange synthetic odor coming from a vinyl couch or faux-wood flooring. Once, I even found a gas leak from a stove hose that was cracked while being moved by a repairman. I would think, "Here I am testing for electro-toxins, while there are apparently other toxins that could be effecting my new client's calcium ion signaling...another way of saying: "health."

I then learned about air quality testing and researched the latest testing tools. Of course, I had to choose the latest and greatest state-of-the-art devices. We now test air quality as an optional "add-on" to all EMF testing. (You can find this service at Air Quality Testing.)

Clients would ask for recommendations for good air purifiers. After much research, it came down to one brand that towered over the others. This was the Made in the USA, Austin Air Purifiers. These purifiers are the only clinically proven medically certified HEPA air purifiers made. What makes them stand out is the carbon filters and efficient motors...and, I like the three-pronged plug, too!

While speaking with Mike Coyle, of Austin Air, I was offered a dealership. But, I didn't want to be another one of those guys testing and making money directly off of clients by peddling products. I always felt a distrust for those kind of people, whether they were doctors or anyone else who tested and sold goods to their patients or clients.

I finally agreed to being an affiliate because I thought it would make it easier for clients to locate these fairly obscure air purifiers. If you purchase one of these purifiers, you can buy one at the Austin Air's retail price and we'll get a 10% commission. If you don't want us to get the commission, then you can go directly to the website and pay the same price. Either way, we get more thrilled by your health improving than making a few bucks.

So, whatever you decide, choose what's best for you and your family's health, happiness, and well-being. The other stuff will follow. 

If interested in a new air purifier, click our "Air" page or click here: Austin Air Purifiers