Another Possible Cause For Autism No One is Talking About



Perhaps it's timely that today, December 7th, the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, that thoughts come to mind, this morning, of yet another attack on America. No, I'm not thinking terrorism or the opioid epidemic.

Are you aware of the current growth rate of autism? According to the CDC, 1/42 boys born in 2016 has it, up from 1/88 in 2012. Back in 1975, only 1/5,000 boys had autism. (See and share chart by clicking the title.) I won't repeat some scary forecasts for future numbers based on the current rate. Let's just say that we have a possible emergency situation that few are addressing.

The first thing uttered from the typical "know-it-alls" is that these stats are only high because they have better ways of detecting autism now then they had years ago. But, come on man! Open your eyes! There weren't this many kids with autism when I was growing up. I don't remember even having met any! As an adult, my cousin had a son who is autistic. Then, there was a niece on the spectrum. Now, my friend has an autistic child and someone from my BNI chapter, too.


Possible Causes


We have all heard the argument for vaccinations. Yes, these could be a possible cause. Of course, the AMA says this is inconclusive. Another theory is that a possible cause originates from the pesticide in Round-Up named glyphosate; found in many GMO (Genetically Modified) foods. If you don't eat organic foods, solely, which is hard for a New Yorker to do since we love our restaurants, then you are ingesting this pesticide on a regular basis. I won't spend much time on these causes since there has already been so much written.


Another Possible Cause


If you look at the Autism Speaks Graphic Chart you'll notice the first real uptick occurs in 1982-83. That's when the first cell tower transmitters were installed and the first cell phone became commercially available on a massive scale; the Motorola Flip Phone. 

The next major upswing occurs after 1996, when Bill Clinton signed into law the Telecom Act of 1996 which gave the FCC the mandate to ensure that we would have a national grid so that everyone could get cell phone service anywhere in America. The Verizon commercial comes to mind, "Can you hear me now?"

By 2001, the rate was 1/250 boys. The next upswing occurs after 2007; the intro of the first iPhone. By 2009, the rate is 1/110 boys. By 2012, 1/88. 2016, 1/42 and 1/189 girls. This trend continues lock-step with the increasing rate of wireless devices in American homes and I haven't seen any evidence that it's going to plateau soon.

When I read the report, published in 2012, by Dr. Martha Herbert, PhD, MD, pediatric neurologist at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital, my jaw dropped. This is the most convincing and thought provoking paper relating electromagnetic radiation to autism, to date.

The report is entitled, "Findings in Autism (ASD) Consistent with Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Radiofrequency Radiation (RFR)." If you read this report, you will garner an understanding of the many health risks associated with having prolonged exposure to these energies.

Question: How many studies and reports have to be presented before you initiate steps to reduce your unnecessary and purposeless exposure to harmful electromagnetic fields from which, so often, you are the originator? And, if not for yourself, what about the persons near you?