Cell Phone Study Drastically Lowers Safety Threshold

As a part of an unremitting quest to learn more about the causative factors of and possible solutions for EHS (electro-sensitivity) or EMF Sensitivity, I've discovered this article review of a study published in 2008, which can be found at www.bioinitiative.org and on the site EMFfacts.com. 

As electro-sensitive clients know, I have repeatedly used Allen Frey's work as the benchmark for my RFR levels effecting blood-brain barrier permeability, but this study takes things to a whole "lower level."

"The study reports that cell phone GSM frequency exposure induces pathological leakage of albumin across the blood-brain barrier. Such effects have been reported in prior studies (for example, Salford 2003 and Schirmacher, 2007).

The blood-brain barrier is a critical structure in the brain that separates the flow of blood through the brain from the brain matter itself. Blood contains toxins being carried to excretory organs and also certain molecules like albumin that can be lethal to brain tissue. Exposure to extraordinarily small RF levels on the order of may open’ the blood-brain barrier, making it ‘leaky’ and allowing toxins and molecules to cross directly into the brain, which in turn can cause nerve cell damage and neuron death. 

Eberhard et al (2008) report that two-hour exposures to cell phone GSM microwave RF resulted in leakage of albumin across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and in neuron damage. Neuronal albumin uptake was significantly correlated to occurrence of damaged neurons when measured at 28 days post-exposure. The lowest exposure level was 0.12 mW/kg (0.00012 W/kg) for two hours. The highest exposure level was 120 mW/kg (0.12 W/kg). The weakest exposure level showed the greatest effect in opening the BBB, and in neuron damage and death.

The current FCC exposure limit is 1.6 W/kg and the ICNIRP exposure limit is 2 W/kg.

“The most remarkable observation in our studies on the effects of microwaves on the BBB is the fact that the lower SAR values (around 1 mW/kg) give rise to more pronounced albumin leakage than the higher SAR values. If increase in dose had led to increased response, we feel that the risk of cellular telephones, base-stations, and other RF-emitting sources could be managed by reduction of their emitted energy. The indications from our study that the weakest fields are the biologically most harmful, poses a complicated problem."

Here is the entire article link found on EMFfacts.com: Cell Phones and Blood-Brain Barrier