California Health Officials Release Guidelines To Avoid Cellphone Radiation



The fact that we finally have government health officials in one state, at least, being honest and doing the Right thing for the People, despite incredible corporate and political pressures, finds me on this day, much more optimistic. This news has reaffirmed my hopes and dreams for our country and my deep love for America, yet again. I can understand why actionable legislation regarding restrictions on wireless technology have taken so long. This article sent to me, by a friend, is very encouraging.

If only more of us Americans possessed the minimal scientific knowledge to fully understand what this energy is rather than default to the status quo 'fake' propaganda science fed to us for the past 70 years, more would be reducing their purposeless and unnecessary exposure. 


Pregnant woman and those with newborns naively wielding cellphones has to stop. We need more public awareness.


Here's the link to the article: California Health Officials Release Guidelines To Avoid Cellphone Radiation

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Again, thanks to Wayne W., NYC