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(Please note: any FaceTime, Skype, and Zoom are not HIPPA compliant, but phone calls are.)


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If you have any technical or scientific questions about electromagnetic fields, EMF/ EMI remediation, or EMF as it relates to possible health concerns, there is a consultation fee.

There is so much free information on our website, already. We highly recommend reading the research pages and watching videos before calling with questions.

A paid consultation is framed in 50-minute intervals, each equaling 1 unit. Pricing varies with demand. If you wish to pay for a series of consultations, then you would choose the quantity you would like and schedule your appointment(s) with the office.

All phone/email/FaceTime/Skype consultations need to be prepaid at the time of scheduling.

Please, schedule your consultation with our receptionist: (212) 706-1252

Thank you.

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