What is EMF Testing?


An EMF Testing is a non-invasive assessment of the electromagnetic fields present within a residential or commercial property. It involves a systematic method of measuring and recording non-ionic radiation emanating from the Earth and various human-made technologies. Measurements are monitored and recorded during a relatively brief moment in time or data-logged over a longer designated period.

An EMF survey is an assessment of the defining characteristics of each electromagnetic field on a property and should include the:

  • frequency bandwidth within the electromagnetic spectrum. This helps determine attributable effects, aspects, and applications.

  • size dimensions.

  • shape. Rarely is an EMF field in the shape of a box.

  • strength; determined by the relative power density divided by the distance from the source-point. Strength of a field is measured, in a unit appropriate to the particular field, in either watts per square meter, voltage per cubic meter, or flux density in nanoTeslas or milliGauss

  • action; determination of the field’s movement or lack thereof.

  • quality; is the field unadulterated or is it coupled with other electromagnetic fields from either the same or different source-points. (Assess each of the coupling fields.)

  • identification of the source-point(s) of each particular EMF field.

A typical EMF testing will include an assessment of:

  • The AC Magnetic Fields associated with the electrical systems, appliances, and electronic devices within and surrounding a residence or commercial space.

  • The corresponding AC Electric Fields of the 60 Hertz electricity we all use in North America. (50 Hz in Europe.)

  • The Skin-Body Voltage in the sleeping areas and computer stations.

  • The RF (radio frequency fields) also known as High-Frequency Wireless Communication and Information Microwave Signals. Omnidirectional measurements and Directional (source-point logarithmic periodic) assessments are standard practice.

  • The DC Magnetic Fields which can cause Geopathic Stress.

  • The Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) commonly called “dirty electricity” which is the coupling of RF onto the electrical wiring and emitted electric fields. These harmonic transients are a special concern when coupled onto a client’s epidermis. We measure the EMI frequencies on the phase and ground conductors, in the air, and on the skin. (Most EMF Technicians mistakenly measure this on the hot conductor of the wall outlet receptacle with a broadband EMI plug-in meter, only.)


What is included in our EMF Testing and Consulting Premium Service?

  1. The EMFs in your residence or office space are recorded and measured with professional calibrated monitors.

  2. You’ll receive a consultation for effective remediation solutions.

  3. You’ll receive an EMF Report that includes additional free or low-cost recommendations for remediation including a variety of links and discount offers. Included may be notes for your electrician, your plumber, your building management, and your local power and telecom companies.

  4. You’ll receive helpful knowledge, through clear demonstrations, that we believe will help improve your health.

  5. You’ll receive an included complimentary phone consultation to discuss the EMF report and address your questions. We’ll help you with the language needed to successfully communicate with your various service providers. If you forget something, just call us, again, complimentary. We are here to help.


    • power transmission lines

    • nearby cell tower transmitters and radar

    • smart meters; power, gas, and water LAN, NAN, and WAN

    • step-down transformers, distribution lines, and sub-stations

    • neighbors’ WiFi networks

    • current on plumbing and heating systems

    • building electrical wiring errors

    • electrical distribution feeder cables in walls, conduits, and more.

What is our procedure for testing EMF in your home and work place?


  • The first thing we test is your equipment ground for integrity. That’s the bottom 3rd prong socket in your wall outlet receptacle, (see the photo to your left.) We measure to see if there is a voltage and/or current on your ground conductor and measure the frequency band. (We can do this without even removing the outlet receptacle plate cover.) We are the only company that provides this service.

  • We check all of your GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) for correct polarity, for open grounds, for ground-to-neutral proportion, and over-all proper function. If a GFCI doesn’t function correctly, a shock could be lethal. We can check all of this without removing the outlet receptacle plate cover!

  • We measure the entire EMF spectrum from the DC magnetic fields naturally occurring from the Earth through to all of the man-made artificial electromagnetism. We do all this with the best hand-held monitors and analyzers in the world.

  • We measure the EMI ELECTROMAGNETIC INTERFERENCE. (There are many terms for EMI - others are: "DIRTY ELECTRICITY"/HIGH FREQUENCY VOLTAGE TRANSIENTS / THD TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION, and more.) We measure the EMI on the the HOT (Black) wire in your outlet receptacle. What sets us apart from the rest is that we also measure the EMI that is in the air and that is actually on your skin. Yes, we measure the frequency of the EMI, its voltage and current! We are the only company that provides this service.

  • We measure High Frequency Communication Signals from FM Radio and TV stations all the way up through to airport radar using two monitors and 4 antennas. (RF RADIO FREQUENCY MICROWAVE RADIATION is from CELL TOWER TRANSMITTERS, WIFI, DECT Phones, SMART METERS, BLUETOOTH, ETC.)

  • We measure the AC VOLTAGE, AC CURRENT, AND AC FREQUENCY on your skin and we measure your epidermal DC VOLTAGE and DC CURRENT. This is the electricity that is taxing your adrenal glands while you are trying to sleep or at your computer workstation making you exhausted. We’ll work to get these levels lowered. We are the only company that provides this service.

  • We measure the THREE-DIMENSION POTENTIAL-FREE AC ELECTRIC FIELDS: the 60 Hertz E field and corresponding harmonics that are in the air that surrounds you while you are in your home or office. Only Building Biologists® with the EMRS training are doing this! ..and, we are the only company in NYC with this training.

  • We measure the STRAY NEIGHBORHOOD VOLTAGE/CURRENT: magnetic fields coming into your home from outside sources such as ungrounded cable, water works, transmission line stray voltage, and more. We propose various solutions and our strategic partners fix these issues.

  • We measure the TEMPERATURES on home electrical wiring using THERMAL IMAGING TESTING, if we recognize a magnetic field caused by a possible wiring error. Wire temperatures will increase when there is a build-up of electromagnetism due to wiring errors, damaged wires, loose connections, and more. Yes. This testing will help prevent a house fire and is part of our New York Electrical Safety Program which we founded with our friends at Einstein Electrical Corporation.

  • We measure the EMFs emitted by your home appliances, power tools, computers, electronics, lamps, lighting, modems, WiFi extenders, Alexa, cordless phones, smart phones, iWatch, smart TV’s, security system RF, solar power convertor ELF, wind turbine convertors, air purifiers, air conditioning, electric water heaters, and more. We can show how any of these effect your heart rate, blood-oxygen level, your DC voltage and DC current. We are the only company that provides this service.

  • We measure the DC Magnetic Fields with a DC magnetometer made for the aerospace industry. Earth’s energy can magnify your bed frame and bed springs, cause structural weaknesses in a building, compromise your auto-immune system, cause insomnia, and more. We are the only company that provides this service.

  • We’ll make sure your RF SHIELDING Swiss Shield bed canopies are properly installed.

  • We’ll measure the EFFECTIVENESS of any EMF shielding and “EMF blocking” devices you may have purchased.

  • We’ll provide tips on how to lessen DC electrostatic energy. Static electricity is what causes those shocks when you remove your winter scarf or open your curtains. This is not a good thing if you have a pace-maker or a heart condition.

  • IAQ - We now offer a complimentary 0.5 and 2.5 micron Indoor Air Quality Particle-Count Testing. (If you would like this test, be sure to have your windows closed for at least 12-24 hours prior to the testing for this testing to be more accurate.)

  • We have developed a new application that adds to the effectiveness of our EMF remediation work and greatly improves your health. We call it the Galileo Protocol™.

What is Electron Health / EMF Health?

What is Electron Health / EMF Health?


Every chemical reaction is the result of the coming and going of electrons. The electrons in every biological cell provide the spark that sustains and gives us life.

The flow of electrons within each acupuncture meridian provide an electrical flow of DC Direct Current (Yoshio Nakatani, 1956.) Your body’s delicate electrical system is no match for the intense electrical system in your home. AC alternating current is 120 Volts on each hot leg. This voltage is artificially produced sinusoidal and sawtooth waves with ramped-up frequencies due to harmonic transients caused by “electromagnetic coupling”, also known as EMI (electromagnetic interference.)

The electrical system within your body is composed of a mild DC direct current operating at ultra-low and extremely-low frequencies, ranging down to nearly 1 Hertz. (The typical human heart has a frequency of 1.17 Hertz. That’s about 1 cycle per second or 60 beats-per-minute, BPM. BPM is your pulse-rate.)

When AC fields couple with our body’s DC field, the electrical circuits on our skin experience EMI electromagnetic interference. With our Galileo Protocol™, we measure this phenomenon. Often, it’s an increase of up to 60 KHz (that’s 60,000 Hertz) and beyond! Add a strong AC voltage to the skin from handling a charging iPhone (about 6 Volts), an electric bed (about 7 Volts), or placing a charging laptop on your lap using a 2-pronged plug (near 40 Volts!) and the 1,000-100,000 Ω (ohms) resistance of the skin quickly becomes violated by this biologically unnatural force. The internal resistance of the body is about 300 Ω. So, once beyond the epidermal and dermal layers, these AC currents bringing high transient frequencies can travel to wherever they can locate a negative charge. (Electricity flows from positive to negative.) Yes, that’s potentially any healthy cell or organ!

We believe that the best start to healing from any illness is to reduce your exposure to EMF, electromagnetic fields. At ELEXANA, (Latin for: “Electronic-Sana, or Electron-Health) this is just one reason why we are so passionate about our work.

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