Wireless Lightbulbs: The New EMF Health Hazard

It never ceases to amaze how technology can come to market with a seemingly complete disregard for human health and safety. In 2018, we continue to unquestioningly promote an Industrial Revolution Era viewpoint on our existence regarding technological innovation while our US population continues to suffer exponential growth rates in cancer, neurological diseases, autism, and impotency. 

Our electromagnetic safety standards for protecting the function of computers and electronics continue to be more strict than electromagnetic safety standards for protecting brain function and general health. Once again, this was brought to light, pun intended, yesterday.


Yesterday, I was testing and health consulting on the electromagnetic fields in a residence on Long Island, NY. There was a multitude of EMF issues and no surprise to me that someone in the family had breast cancer. There was one EMF situation, in particular, I had yet to encounter.

While surveying the electrical currents and frequencies that were traveling through the indoor air, using a Gigahertz Solutions NFA 1000 3-Dimensional Near-Field Analyzer (made in Germany), I recorded the most unusual reading. 

Gigahertz Solutions NFA 1000 Near Field Analyzer

Gigahertz Solutions NFA 1000 Near Field Analyzer

Most EMF Technicians can only measure the EMI (electromagnetic interference) on the hot wire of the corresponding circuit. This is an indication of the "dirty electricity" that could have an interrupting effect on your electronic devices that are plugged into a wall outlet, but not necessarily traveling through the indoor environment. The NFA 1000 gives us the ability to measure the EMI that is actually in the air which could have an adverse effect on all electronic computerized equipment and on you.

This airborne electricity, which we cannot see, smell, feel, or hear, can be measured on the NFA 1000. (This is a Gigahertz Solutions proprietary technology.) The unit we use for this is V/m3 (Volts per cubic-meter.)

The NFA 1000 monitors the airborne electricity from the fundamental 60 Hertz (US) or 50 Hertz (Europe), the first four harmonics, the Resultant of Frequencies noted as: R < 2 kHz; the Resultant less than 2 kilohertz which are those harmonics that are not the fundamental and natural harmonics of 60 Hertz (or 50 Hz.) This R < 2 kHz is more commonly known as EMI or "dirty electricity."  The final frequency range the NFA 1000 can measure with this application is the R > 2kHz. (1 kilohertz is equivalent to 1,000 cycles per second.)

The dominant frequency is lit in Red and the power density measuring in V/m3 registers on the digital LED screen. The secondary frequency is in Yellow, and all others are in Green. Usually, I will see the monitor briefly record intermittent peaks in the EMI, but usually the 60 Hertz frequency is dominant.

Yesterday, in the eastern bedroom, the Red light just stayed fixed on the R < 2 kHz, the EMI. The power density was a whopping 24.5 volts per cubic-meter!

It turns out that installed into the overhead lighting fixture were new wireless lightbulbs. This was the first time I had ever heard of wireless lightbulbs. These were removed and immediately the R < 2 kHz went to Green, the 60 Hertz light went to Red registering @ 1.4 V/m3. The EMI was essentially eliminated by removing these bulbs!

What else can we invent to destroy ourselves? When will we, as a society, consider our health and mental wellness a top priority, and not our profits, convenience, and temporary comfort?

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