Why I Wear Leather-Soled Shoes

People who know me, know that I like a good pair of shoes. The reason I like wearing leather-soled shoes may surprise you.

As most New Yorkers are aware, there are at least a few electrocutions in the city each year due to someone not wearing rubber-soled shoes. In the morning, businesses hose down the sidewalks out front of their entrances. If a faulty extension cord or an electrical arc activates water on a sidewalk and then someone comes in contact with this water while wearing a shoe that doesn't have rubber soles, the result can often be fatal. 

For this reason, when I go to meet my BNI One friends at the Cornell Club in Midtown at 7 AM on Wednesdays, I usually will wear my rubber-soled Allen Edmunds. Otherwise, I wear my leather-soled Allen Edmonds. 9.5 E or 10 D in case you'd like to buy me a new pair ;)

Why the leather? Well, as we go through the day, our bodies accumulate voltage in our bodies. This voltage comes from the frequent contact we have throughout the day to various electromagnetic fields. In NYC, this happens just about every minute of the day. 

If we are wearing a rubber-soled shoe, then we end up carrying this excess electromagnetism because rubber is non-conductive. This electric charge will not dissipate but rather be stored in our bodies. Holding this unnatural charge will eventually wear us down because our adrenals have been over-stimulated for many hours. If you are already EMF Sensitive, then you will find yourself getting incredible headaches, tingling sensations in the skin, tinnitus, and more. 

The leather soles allow the voltage to pass through us and dissipate into the sidewalk or ground. It sounds strange, I know, but it really does work this way.

If I'm wearing my rubber-soled walking shoes in Central Park, I will occasionally grasp onto a metal fence post that is planted into the ground or even take my shoes off and just stand in the grass. I am not only dissipating any electromagnetism that has built up in my body, but I'm adding healthy electrons from the Earth. You can also get healthy electrons by putting your hands on a tree. Remember the "tree huggers" in the Sixties? 

You won't see me hugging a tree, but you will see me leaning against one or running barefoot in the grass after Scooter, our Boston Terrier. 

So, yes, there's nothing like a great pair of leather-soled Allen Edmonds shoes to relieve my body from electromagnetic accumulation due to the constant EMF exposure accrued by living in the Big Apple.

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