What is a Safe Level for AC Magnetic Fields?


Sunday, July 14th, 2019. I’m writing on the morning following a massive power outage on the upper west side of Manhattan due to an electrical fire at the local substation. This is the second major mishap at a Con Edison NYC power station in the past few months. Unfortunately, this event came as no surprise to us.

Elexana regularly uncovers issues exposing Con Ed and PSE&G in serious need of more technical support. How can these companies invest in new and safer infrastructure when they are apparently struggling just to keep up with what they have in place? Rather than investing in nasty smart meters, power execs might better serve customers by advancing foundational issues.

The potential long-term ill health effects of human-made Alternating Current (AC) Magnetic Fields are possibly the most controversial and heavily mired in special-interest “science,” other than those from High-Frequency microwave communication and information signals, in the electromagnetic spectrum. After decades of misinformation and scientific deception, we should finally be told the truth about AC magnetic fields.

Today, there are real practical and actionable solutions to making this energy safer for our health. It’s going to cost a lot of money, but a safer, more reliable and efficient electrical infrastructure would save money, increase profits, and benefit our economy.

Additionally, we would save billions, if not trillions of dollars in health-care costs. Thousands of jobs would be created to make the power infrastructure safe and we could enjoy the benefits of living healthier, more productive lives.


Here is a sine wave generated by 60 Hertz. The Dirty Power is a resultant of electromagnetic coupling by Radio Frequencies (High-Frequency microwaves) onto the electrical line.

Here is a sine wave generated by 60 Hertz. The Dirty Power is a resultant of electromagnetic coupling by Radio Frequencies (High-Frequency microwaves) onto the electrical line.

The waveform of human-made electricity generated for your home is sinusoidal rather than the relatively straight line of the natural DC currents generated by the Earth. A human-made AC electrical wave vibrates up and down 120 times per second or 60 cycles per second. We call the frequency 60 Hertz. (DC does not vibrate with this intensity. To compare the health implications of living with DC magnetic fields for thousands of years with those of AC magnetic fields for just over a century is disingenuous.)

60 Hertz AC is considered an ELF, an Extremely Low Frequency. The wavelength of 60 Hertz is over 3,100 miles long (just beyond the distance from NYC to San Francisco.) Because of its huge size, we, of course, have to measure this field with a “Near-Field” analyzer. Although the electromagnetic qualities of an ELF allow us to measure the magnetic and the electric aspects of this energy field as two seemingly separate forces, they are entwined (Theory of Relativity.) We use a Gauss Meter for measuring the magnetic component (magnetic flux) and a Volt Meter for measuring the electric aspect (volts/meter relative to the common Earth ground.)

We Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists (EMRS) find this helpful because remediation protocols for the magnetic and electric are different.

Safety Levels for AC Magnetic Fields

At this time, the IEEE and the US Government have a safety level of 1,000 mG (milligauss.) New York State’s safety level is 200 mG. Considering that the Wertheimer and Leeper study found that only 2 mG of prolonged-exposure is consistent with childhood leukemia and the Bioinitiative.org outlines dozens of other studies which have shown harmful effects of prolonged exposure to low levels of AC magnetic fields, the IEEE safety levels need to be reviewed.

Elexana employs Electromagnetic Radiation Specialists (EMRS) trained by the Building Biology Institute, an offspring of the Bau-Biologie from Germany. We base our remediation and mitigation practices on the highest standards set forth in Germany. Because of this, you are assured of having us secure your home or workplace to the highest health and safety standards in the world.

Below is a chart we use in our reports for helping our clients understand what levels are of no concern for long-term exposure to those levels which require some urgency.

At Elexana, based on our best efforts and observation, for long-term exposure (1 year or more) we consider ≤ 0.20 mG as no concern, 0.2 - 0.6 mG as very slight, 0.061 - 1.0 mG as cautionary, 1.01 - 2.00 mG as concerning, 2.00 - 3.00 mG as severe, and ≥ 3.00 mG as extreme requiring immediate attention. So you see, our own levels, in small measure, surpass those of the people who trained us.

Why do we assign 3.00 mG of prolonged exposure as extreme? This is simply because of the nearly 100% consistency we have seen where homes with 3 mG as a lowest reading and at least one occupant suffering from a thyroid issue (Hashimoto’s disease, thyroid cancer, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, or nodes on the thyroid.) We also see this as a consistent causative factor for insomnia.

Chart by Elexana © 2019

Chart by Elexana © 2019


If you agree with the Building Biology Institute’s safety levels, then hire us. If you don’t, then we are here for you once you’ve read the published studies at bioinitiative.org or you have developed Electrohypersensivity (EHS) and can actually feel low levels of AC magnetic fields.

Those who benefit and profit from deception can obfuscate all they want, but it’s the growing number of honest scientists and medical doctors along with those coping with EHS who will eventually win the day. Truth has its own inertia.