What is Electron Health / EMF Health?

What is Electron Health / EMF Health?


Every chemical reaction is the result of the coming and going of electrons. The electrons in every biological cell provide the spark that sustains and gives us life.

The flow of electrons within each acupuncture meridian provide an electrical flow of DC Direct Current (Yoshio Nakatani, 1956.) Your body’s delicate electrical system is no match for the intense electrical system in your home. AC alternating current is 120 Volts on each hot leg. This voltage is artificially produced sinusoidal and sawtooth waves with ramped-up frequencies due to harmonic transients caused by “electromagnetic coupling”, also known as EMI (electromagnetic interference.)

The electrical system within your body is composed of a mild DC direct current operating at ultra-low and extremely-low frequencies, ranging down to nearly 1 Hertz. (The typical human heart has a frequency of 1.17 Hertz. That’s about 1 cycle per second or 60 beats-per-minute, BPM. BPM is your pulse-rate.)

When AC fields couple with our body’s DC field, the electrical circuits on our skin experience EMI electromagnetic interference. With our Galileo Protocol™, we measure this phenomenon. Often, it’s an increase of up to 60 KHz (that’s 60,000 Hertz) and beyond! Add a strong AC voltage to the skin from handling a charging iPhone (about 6 Volts), an electric bed (about 7 Volts), or placing a charging laptop on your lap using a 2-pronged plug (near 40 Volts!) and the 1,000-100,000 Ω (ohms) resistance of the skin quickly becomes violated by this biologically unnatural force. The internal resistance of the body is about 300 Ω. So, once beyond the epidermal and dermal layers, these AC currents bringing high transient frequencies can travel to wherever they can locate a negative charge. (Electricity flows from positive to negative.) Yes, that’s potentially any healthy cell or organ!

We believe that the best start to healing from any illness is to reduce your exposure to EMF, electromagnetic fields. At ELEXANA, (Latin for: “Electronic-Sana, or Electron-Health) this is just one reason why we are so passionate about our work.

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