What Does an EMF Testing Cost?


What Does an EMF Testing Cost?  ©2018

How do we set our rates?

We take into account a variety of variables to help us gauge how long a testing and consultation will take, what our travel costs will be, and our time spent traveling. We log these variables into an algorithm that will then print out an invoice. Your cost of services will never exceed the amount on the invoice. Simple.

The cost of an EMF testing and consulting service is always relative to the benefits received.

With the wrong EMF services company: 1) the price you were quoted is often not what you end up paying. 2) additional costs to you could be unnecessary expenses, loss of time, and increased stress. Sometimes, you are simply provided incorrect information and/or incorrect science. Sometimes, incorrectly implemented solutions will have dire health consequences.

Three things to consider:

1) What is the cost to you if a poor EMF testing overlooks a significant electromagnetic field?

2) What is the cost if the wrong EMF service company sells you something that you not only overpaid for, but don’t even need…and it makes you ill?

3) What is the cost if you were told that a certain measured EMF level was harmful, but the levels were only high because the meter was either an amateur model or the meter was not calibrated?

We take into account certain extraordinary circumstances, when it comes to pricing. A bedridden senior citizen, living on their social security payments, will naturally pay an adjusted fee. Someone living on the upper west side will pay less than someone living in Western New Jersey (because of our travel expenses and travel time.)

We also give a small discount to all seniors, military service personnel, police, firefighters, school teachers, and MTA workers. (My Dad worked for the MTA and I know first-hand of their daily struggles.) We will always work with you to make sure you get what you need. Our passion is doing a good job and keeping you healthy.

When it comes to remediation, we give you solutions from free and low-cost to the to the most extensive. Often, mitigation costs work is like buying stereo equipment; you can pay a ridiculous amount more for the smallest increment of improvement.

Much of our remediation happens during the testing and is naturally included. Much of what we recommend costs just a few dollars, not hundreds or thousands.

We believe that someday EMF testing will be considered by mainstream medicine as the first protocol to being healed from any illness.

Over the weekend, I had a new client from Santa Monica, California. She informed me that the City of Santa Monica holds EMF testing to be so important to health that it is now funding EMF testing for every resident of Santa Monica.

If everyone knew how harmful EMF is to health, our receptionists at ELEXANA would be overwhelmed with callers.

So, what does an EMF testing cost? Just give us a ring @ (212) 706-1252 and we work to provide you a fee. It’s a pleasure to discuss this with you.

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