What Does an EMF Testing & Consultation Cost?


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There are various ways an EMF Testing & Consulting Company can provide a price-quote for your EMF on-site services. Some companies use square-footage metrics, number of rooms and floors, type of dwelling (apartment vs. stand-alone house), hourly rate, or any variation of the above.

We take into account a variety of measures to help us gauge how long the testing will take, what our travel costs will be if leaving New York City, and our time spent traveling. We place an emphasis on the sleeping areas, so the number of bedrooms is weighted. We don’t charge by the hour because we don’t want you or us to feel a cost-time pressure.

Once we have all of the required information, we then log this data into a computer algorithm which then prints out an invoice. Your cost of services will never exceed the amount on the invoice. Simple.

(Hiring ELEXANA outside of our geographic proximity: If you plan to fly us to your city, then there is the natural addition of the cost of the flight, car service, and the estimated total hours of travel time.)

You certainly want to take your time and pick the best company for you.

Important tips for choosing an EMF Services Company:

1) Most importantly, choose a company that lists somewhere on their website the name, a biography, and has a photo of the person who will be coming to your home. You want to hire someone who is transparent, professional, trustworthy, and honest. You need to be able to recognize the person coming up to your front door.

2) If someone is advertising that they are licensed and certified to do EMF testing, you need to do your due diligence and verify by insisting they send you a PDF copy of their EMF credentials, or ask for their license number and contact the appropriate office. Check their physical address or is it a “fly-by-night” virtual address? Check their phone number by having them phone you back. What does the caller I.D. read?

3) You really can’t go wrong with someone who has passed IBE Electromagnetic Radiation 212 and IBE Advanced Electromagnetic Radiation 312 with the International Institute of Building Biology® and Environmental Conservation. The IBE EMRS program is the most comprehensive training in America. It includes over a 1,000 pages of text and supplemental material, 110 hours of classroom lectures, dozens of hours of online work, a dozen live labs with experts, final exams, taking on a mentor for a major final project.

The IBE training is more comprehensive than any home inspector, or even any Professional Electrical Engineer receives in the B.Sc curriculum. You know you will be getting someone who has proven that they are knowledgeable. Just because someone tells you that they’ve been testing so many years doesn’t mean that they have been doing it well. If they were knowledgeable, they would know that this field is always evolving and it's a good idea to sharpen one's skills and stay contemporary with a program like the IBE.

4) If you are trying to decide which EMF Services company to hire, look to see what you are getting and not just choose the lowest bid. No two EMF Services Companies are the same. Just like anything else, you usually get what you pay for.

Many companies that quote you a low-ball figure are counting on being able to convince you to buy Stetzer or Green Wave plug-in filters. Can you count on getting an accurate assessment if they are counting on selling you a bunch of products? Call Green Wave and Stetzer and ask them how many of these filters our clients purchase each year.

Three factors to consider:

1) What is the cost if a poor EMF testing overlooks a significant electromagnetic field? We see so many EMF inspectors/experts who do not even measure the electric fields in the air! If they show up with only an RF Meter and a Gauss Meter then you know you are not getting a professional assessment.

2) What is the cost if the wrong EMF service company sells you something that you not only overpaid for but don’t even need…and, then it makes you ill?

3) What is the cost if you believed that certain measured EMF levels were harmful, but the levels were only measured as being high because the meter was an amateur model, or it was not certified-calibrated?

4) What is the cost if the technician has a bias as to what is a safe level and those levels are simply too high?

5) What is the cost if you are given incorrect information on how to remediate?

Back to the cost:

EMF Testing can be expensive for some folks on a limited budget. At ELEXANA, when it comes to pricing, we take into account certain extraordinary circumstances. A bedridden senior citizen, living on their social security payments, will naturally pay an adjusted fee. Someone living on the upper west side will pay less than someone living in Western New Jersey (because of our travel expenses and travel time.)

We also give a discount to all seniors, military service personnel, police, firefighters, school teachers, and MTA workers. (My Dad worked for the MTA, and I know first-hand of their daily struggles.) We will always work with you to make sure you get what you need. We have a passion for this work and for keeping you healthy.

When it comes to remediation, our practice is always to give you the best cost-effective solutions. Often, the Law of Diminishing Returns applies to spending on EMF mitigation, too. Costs for could be compared to buying stereo equipment; you could pay so much more for only a small increment of improvement. We will work with you to help determine what is best for your EMF situation and budget.

Much of the EMF remediation you’ll need can happen at no cost during the EMF testing and consultation. We spend focused time working to reduce your EMF levels in the sleeping areas.

Over the weekend, I had a new client from Santa Monica, California. She informed me that the City of Santa Monica holds EMF testing to be so important to health that it is now funding EMF testing for every resident of Santa Monica.

If everyone were knew how impactful EMF is to health, our receptionists at ELEXANA would be overwhelmed with callers.

So, what does an EMF testing cost? Just give us a ring @ (212) 706-1252, and we will provide you with a complimentary phone session and quote. It would be our pleasure to meet you and hopefully, have the opportunity to offer our services.

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