ELEXANA's Secret to Healing

During the Bubonic Plague, medical professionals scurried to find a vaccine or chemical cure, with no success. Eventually, a simple suggestion to test the water supply pointed towards the answer. Going literally "upstream" to discover a contaminated water supply, caused by rat feces and decaying carcasses, pointed to the cause. 

Following this common sense tradition, ELEXANA is the first "upstream" natural health and wellness company in the world. Using common sense science first, we're solving some very common diseases previously thought to be incurable, such as; insomnia, GERD, and more. Our unprecedented success rate continues to prove our thought process correct.

Because most people can't conceive of things that have been around as long as electromagnetism and common household products as being harmful, especially because there are so many "studies" claiming that these "pose no ill-health effects," we find that these everyday toxins are usually over-looked. 

At ELEXANA, we have seen time and time again that reducing the power density of electromagnetic fields and improving the indoor air quality in one's home and place of business plays a major role in the unprecedented success our health and wellness programs are seeing.

Google's motto is, "Do no harm." (Wasn't this also Star Trek's motto?)  Retooling this motto is the first step towards improving your health: take away what is doing YOU harm. If you don't "believe" that prolonged exposure to strong or high levels of electromagnetism is causing you harm, then dig deeper into the other side of the scientific argument. Watch some videos on our research page. Or, just try our services and witness how much better you feel.

Powering OFF your WiFi and other wireless devices at bedtime are not only healthy for you and your family but is actually good for your devices, too. Yes, the magnetic build-up in your modem will dissipate the electromagnetic interference (EMI) thus improving its function when you power it back ON. This EMI, which we can also measure while it travels at light speed in your room, using units V/m3 (Volts per meter-cubed), will no longer be affecting you from this source. 

If your cell phone (originally called a microwave transmitter) wasn't significantly powerful, then why are you demanded by the airline pilot to place it on "airplane mode" prior to the landing gear being engaged? Why are there "NO Cell Phone" signs in certain hospital wings? 


Electroencephalograms (EEG) have shown that our brains can detect electromagnetism down to billionths of an amp? Do you honestly believe that an electronic device is more sensitive than your brain? If EMI can effect the electronics of landing gear, then it can effect your own internal electronics. (Electronics is Latin for electrons.)

ELEXANA starts at the beginning. We don't start backward by treating symptoms hoping that the illness will go away if the client begins feeling better or "shows signs of improvement." (By the way, did you know that the placebo effect using medications can be up to 50%!) We simply take away those things that may be causing your body harm and then provide you with lifestyle suggestions and nutritional improvements that will give your body the best chance to do what it is genetically programmed: to heal itself.

There are no long lists of ill-side effects caused by doing exercise and eating a salad!

We don't profess to have all the answers, but for the few common health problems we claim to be able to help you with, working together with you, we are successfully getting the job done.

One client said, "What do I have to lose, I will end up healthier than when I started the program?" True. But, just being healthier is not enough. We aim to help solve your health problems and for you to thrive.

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