I'm Looking For a New Home: Should I Buy an EMF Meter?


Every day, I get asked this question. Too often I encounter people causing themselves unnecessary stress and anxiety because they recently self-tested their home using an amateur meter and are consequently freaking out because of the high measured levels. 

Many EMF meters are so inaccurate that the readings are just ridiculous. If they would have used those precious funds to pay for a legitimate EMF home testing, then they would have avoided so much anxiety. 

Further, don't fall for these EMF online salespeople (and, just recently I learned of another EMF Consulting company, I dare not mention.) They'll sell you a grounding pad, harmonizer, phone sticker, pendant, RF blocking hat, or some other hoax waste of money without even flinching.

Some people we encounter are so sensitive to EMF that they ARE the meter. When they enter a powerful electromagnetic field they immediately begin to feel uncomfortable. He/she may feel tingling on their bodies, heat sensations, pain or pressure in the head or spine, nausea, vertigo, tinnitus, racing pulse, and more.

For EMF sensitive or just health-conscientious people who are about to start looking for a new place to live, just using one's own sensory abilities is not the best way to go. 

There is a big difference between having to remediate from ELF (an extremely low-frequency radiation field) and an RF (radio frequency or microwave field.)

Most who are sensitive to EMF cannot differentiate the fields. They just feel what they feel. For this reason, I recommend purchasing an Alpha Labs UH2S Gaussmeter and an EMFields Acoustimeter at www.slt.co

Use discount code: Elexana-SLT

These are accurate lower level meters that won't break the bank, have excellent sensors, and are very easy to learn how to use.

To have an EMF technician test every property you are interested in can be cost prohibitive. Via an EMF phone consultation, I can guide you in using these meters correctly, record the data, and report back to me. With this information, we can discuss and assess each property, together. It's not like having me with your testing, but it will suffice.

Remember, this would only be a basic testing. It is not nearly as in depth and thorough as a full home EMF testing such as the one you would receive from ELEXANA or from one of the few competent EMF testing consultants in North America.

If I were not an EMF Consultant myself and in the market for a new home, I would definitely buy those meters I mentioned previously and before flopping down that big down-payment and signing the contract, I would hire an EMF Consultant to do a complete examination of the property and home. Often, the electrical wiring mistakes alone which I find can be put back on the owner. These costs saved are oftentimes less than the EMF testing cost itself.

We have a small list of the few companies we can recommend to you which may be nearby your location.  

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